Sprout® Pencil For Retail

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Sprout Pencil® Retail Version is the first pencil that can be planted, 100% eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Personalize it, or buy it in a retail version with a recycled paper packaging.

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Product Description

Sprout® Pencil for Retail

Sprout® Pencil for Retail – the most famous plantable pencil is now available for everyone!

Always among the most requested gadgets for any type of eco-sustainable communication campaign, the famous Sprout Pencil® is now also available in the Retail version! It is a way to raise awareness to environmental issues among more and more people, but above all to allow everyone to grow their own plants by finding them easily in stores. And thanks to the elegant hang tag slot, it is perfect in combination with the counter display and also turns out to be an excellent gift idea!

Discovering the pencil that you can plant and grow

Sprout® Pencil is a real pencil with an HB2 lead, which is the most widespread on the market and most commonly used. Unlike other pencils, however, it can be planted to grow a beautiful plant. In fact, on one of its ends, a biodegradable capsule has been inserted, which contains the seeds of different colored flowers or aromatic plants. Therefore, once it has finished serving its purpose as a pencil, just plant the pencil in soil, expose it to natural light and water it regularly to see the first sprouts appear within two or three weeks.

The plantable pencil that is also eco-sustainable and safe

One of the strengths of the plantable pencil, which has made it the protagonist of eco-sustainable communication events dedicated to children, is that Sprout® Pencil is absolutely safe. The capsule is 100% recyclable, just as the birch wood that it is made from, and the graphite and clay lead is entirely non-toxic, because it is treated only with natural products. An article that can therefore also be used by children in complete safety. In addition, the seeds are non-GMO, which also allows you to use aromatic plants in the kitchen with the peace of mind of using a 100% natural product.

Many different plants to choose from or to collect

By purchasing Sprout® Pencil, you can choose from a large variety of the most popular colored flowers and the most popular aromatic plants. Alongside the more traditional Basil, Sage and Thyme, discover the exotic Coriander and Chia seeds. But also, the colorful Sunflower, the cheerful Daisies and the romantic Forget-Me-Nots. And not only that, because you can even grow a real cherry tomato plant!

Set up a Sprout Corner with the practical Counter Display

To distribute the plantable pencil giving it maximum prominence, a practical counter display is available to give order and visibility to the products. With the colored hang tag slots, each of which indicates the type of plant that will be born from the pencil, everyone will be attracted to them, and not only plant lovers, but all customers, will soon want to collect them all to create their own vegetable garden!

An effective way of communicating through products

In addition to being an original idea, offering the Sprout® Pencil in your business is in itself an environmentally sustainable form of communication. Giving each customer the opportunity to find a green alternative, as well as an original gift idea, also means not only knowing how to keep up with the times, but also having environmental issues at heart. A way to create a relationship of trust with customers and link their image to a positive concept such as that of sustainability.


Height: 19 cm
Width: 0.8 cm
Weight: 5 grams
Best before: 18 months from production
Lead hardness: HB2
Authenticity and quality guarantee: product compliant with CE regulations.
Certified_sprout_PEFC_FSC.pdf ; Security_certificate_sprout_EN71-3.pdf
Shipping Box 500 pcs: Weight 2.5 Kg
Available seeds: Basil, Coriander, Sunflower, Daisy, Thyme, Chia, Forget-Me-Not, Sage, Cherry Tomato.


Minimum quantity: 500 pcs
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks according to the quantity of the order
Customization type: Laser engraving / Mono/ BiColour pad printing / CMYK UV printing on the surface of the gadget. Possibility or Engraving / Mono_BiColour pad printing / UV CMYK printing on both sides of the pencil.
Customization of original Sprout Pencil® case with personalized graphics, with instructions in Italian or English [100% recycled paper].
Space for pencil personalization: 10 cm in length – 0.5 cm in height.
Space for customization of the original Sprout® case: 21cm x 5cm.
Customization notes: the client shall provide us with the desired customization graphic in a .pdf .eps or .ai format
Useful files:


Additional Services
Assembly: Sprout pencil assembly in each single packaging.
Sharpening: pencil sharpening service.
Graphic consulting service: Graphic consulting service for the realization of the perfect customization, both of the pencil and of the single packaging that contains it.


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