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Our Mission

Our Mission

Making the world a Better Place

Our mission is making the world a better place thanks to Creativity and Communication.

Yes, we have a great goal, we know it :)!

The first questions we asked ourselves during the creation of the iGreen project were:

  • How can we create something new to help the environment?
  • How can we use creativity and the power of communication to support the environment in which we live?
  • And how can we do it following a sustainable business model?

Well, let’s just say that the answers have not been simple at all!

We are strongly convinced that each of us can truly be the creator of a better world, starting from small daily habits. We firmly believe that the first step to achieve the goal of living in a more sustainable way is raising awareness and implementing effective communication.

In an attempt to help, inspire and educate companies and people on the importance of the “home” in which we live, the iGreen project was created.

The project allows companies and people to express their creativity, helping the environment through the power of communication with customizable, unique & creative objects.

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