Cupffee® Edible coffee cup

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Cupffee® Edible Coffee Cups. The only edible cups that do not alter the taste of coffee! Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Cupffee – Edible Coffee Cups

Cupffee: the first edible and customizable coffee cups!

Accompanying coffee with a sweet, eco-friendly, light and original snack? Today you can with Cupffee, the first edibles coffee cups in the world! Made with cereal-based flours, they are 100% edible, but also intelligent: they do not alter the flavor of the coffee, they can contain hot or cold drinks while remaining crunchy for up to 40 minutes, and are coated with an elegant paper package that guarantees comfort and hygiene.

A natural and light idea for hot and cold drinks

The waffle of Cupffee edible cups is made entirely with natural ingredients, without the addition of sugars or preservatives. This makes the cups naturally sweet, without however altering the taste of the drinks, thanks to the absence of glazes or coatings. And once your drink is finished, the Cupffee cup can be eaten without feeling guilty: in fact, each pod weighs only 14 grams and provides less than 60 calories!

Capacious, comfortable, crispy

The Cupffee edible cups are capable of holding up to 110 ml of liquids, therefore excellent also for a long coffee, a tea or a cappuccino. Waffles are meant to hold cold and hot drinks, they can keep hot liquids up to 85 degrees, and keep theirs crunchiness for 40 minutes. All without burning your fingers! Around the edible coffee cups there is in fact an elegant customizable label that guarantees greater ease of handling, and isolates them from contact with external surfaces, so that they can be held in hand or placed on a table or counter without problems.

The first edible and fully biodegradable coffee cups

Being made with 100% natural ingredients, the Cupffee edible cup pods are entirely ecological,and biodegrade in a few weeks without leaving any trace. Of course, the protective label is also made with recycled paper. For an original coffee break and full respect for the environment. Furthermore, since they are made with completely natural ingredients, they can also be used for children’s drinks.

Personalize your Cupffee cups with company names or logos

The recycled paper coating of the Cupffee edible cups is entirely customizable with colors, phrases, names, dates or company logos.Just provide iGreengadgets with high-quality graphics in PDF format, and we will help you create the most suitable personalization for your cups. Each customization is made with high definition printing, so that the aesthetic aspect of the Cupffee cups recalls the original and modern nature, for beautiful, as well as good cups.

A cup for countless occasions of use

The strong point of Cupfee’s customizable coffee cups lies in the combination of originality, comfort and eco-sustainability. These elements, together with the fact that it is possible to print a wide variety of writings, graphics on the covering cardboard and logos, makes them suitable for both commercial establishments and corporate or private events. By customizing the cups with your company logo, you will amaze customers and business partners and at the same time raise their awareness of respect for the environment in a modern and original way. A sophisticated idea to strengthen your reputation and the relationship of trust with your customers and collaborators, and an intelligent solution for those who want to organize a party with low environmental impact.


Cupffee is made with cereal products

NUTRITIONAL VALUES – Average values ​​for a cup of coffee (~ 14 gr./pz)
Energy: 235 kJ / 56 kcal
Fat: 0 gr.
Saturated fatty acids: 0 gr.
Carbohydrates: 98.27 gr.
Sugars: 94.37 gr.
Protein: 1,70 gr.
Salts: 0 gr.

More Details about Cupffee:


Minimum quantity: 500 pcs
Timing: 10-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Type of Personalization: wrapping packaging in 100% recycled paper
Notes: the customer must provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf .ai format


We are the Cupffee , based in Brezovsko shose Str, 4003 Plovdia (Bulgaria)

Get the best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!



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