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Water in Carton, revolutionary packaging


Reduce the use of plastic with personalized brick water!

A bottle of water in carton! A practical customizable cardboard packaging, perfect for all occasions. From concerts to birthdays, from company parties to fairs, with the water in cardboard it is possible to offer a refreshing drink by reducing the CO2 produced. All in practical high quality cardboard, convenient to store, resistant and opaque to guarantee the quality of the product, and customizable with phrases, images, dates or company logos. A perfect idea to spread the green philosophy in a comfortable, original and fun way, also in combination with compostable glasses by iGreenGadgets!

Three formats in practical 100% recyclable cardboard

Water in carton is available in three formats: 330 ml and 500ml. All of them are made with a minimum of 70% of plant material, matched with other fully recyclable materials. But it is not finished yet! The cardboard is made of cellulose from FSC certified forests, and its high quality guarantees protection from sunlight and heat, an essential feature to ensure proper water conservation.

Handy and nice: perfect for any occasion

The brick water packs have a prismatic shape which, unlike the classic plastic bottles, allow greater ease of transport and storage. They also take up less space, and guarantee a better conservation of the product, therefore they can be purchased in advance for big events.

Lots of customization possibilities

Cardboard water packs can be customized in two differents ways: Full-Brand Full-Color Printing is available for the 330 and 500 ml packs size, with a design entirely customized with the colors and graphics chosen by the customer. While for the 330 and 500ml packs the four-color printing label is available, with the company logo and colors applied on one side only.
A “naked” version is also available for the same formats with the elegant “less plastic more life” design. A wide range of choices for products that combine aesthetics and eco-sustainability.

From marketing to events: a Water in carton for every occasion

Thanks to their elegant design, and the wide possibilities for customization, brick water packs lend themselves to being used to spread the green philosophy on various occasions. From large corporate events to private outdoor parties, but also as a gift to customers and business partners, offering a 100% recyclable cardboard water package proves to be an excellent idea not only to spread the eco-sustainable philosophy, but also for improving the reputation of its brand and create a relationship of trust with customers and business partners by associating the brand with a positive and innovative idea.


Available sizes: 330ML and 500ML.
The advantages of the paper brick:
The package is made up of a minimum of 70% of plant material and is 100% recyclable.

• The package, made from cellulose, comes from FSC certified forests.
• It contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions from plastic processing.
• High protection from sunlight, essential for a correct conservation of the property inside
• It is resistant and opaque: easy to store and transport.
• It is totally customizable, for an immersive user experience
• It is also a new marketing tool

Why water?

Water is necessary for our body, it composes us for over 60%. It can be drunk from different, more or less ecological containers. Nine million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year:this is a fact that must make us reflect.
Water is a primary consumer good: what if we started to consume it without using disposable plastic packages?

Less plastic, more life

Changes in society generate needs for change. Research and innovations create new opportunities. We need a new way of thinking, for a great leap forward.


Type of Customizations: Four-color printing Label (500ML) | Four-color printing Full-Brand (330ML-500ML- 1LT)

Note: the customer must provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf or .ai format.
Useful Files .pdf:


Our product flows from the Sierra Blanca for its limestone component, it is a mountain range in the province of Malaga, in the Andalusia region, Spain.
Its highest point is the Pico del Lastonar, 1,275 m high.
We work with the first European supplier of cardboard water, which exports all over the world with every certification necessary to guarantee the quality.
We selected this water because it is light and pure, with a very low fixed residue (29) and suitable for everyone’s needs.

Moreover, this collaboration allows us to bind ourselves to a charity project. We donate 13 euros per 1000 liters of water to the NGO “Pozos sin fronteras”, which builds artesian wells in the world, in places where there is a shortage of water. Water for Water.

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