Flowers in a can

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More than 50 types of flowers and plants to choose from. Personalize Your Favorite Flower. Customize it, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer.

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Product Description

Flowers in a Can – Microgarden


Personalize Your Favorite Flower in a Can. Over 50 types of flowers and plants to choose from.

These Flowers in a Can – Microgarden made in Italy are a small piece of nature. A pleasant present, innovative and full of positive values. After opening the can, water and light with make the seeds or bulbs sprout and in a few days, they will begin to grow. A green thumb is not needed: the simplicity of the Microgarden is equal to their originality. To make them blossom, just open the can and follow the simple instructions contained in the leaflet.

Unique Creativity

Without a doubt, these customizable Microgarden made in Italy represent something unique and innovative. You can customize them as you wish; and we will help you create your perfect personalization.

Customize your Flower in a Can

These customizable Flower in a Can can be customized with any image or logo. The customization can be done on the whole surface of the can or simply using a small PVC sticker.

Green in the city

Our Flowers in a Can symbolize love for life and the environment in the urban context. Even on a city window sill and from a can, flowers and plants can bloom! Ideal to bring a green touch to offices, shops and apartments.

Do they really sprout?

Of Course! The can contains nutrient-rich soil and seeds or bulbs are planted inside. Upon opening, it is necessary to water and expose the Flowers in a Can to natural light, sprouting is assured.

Recommendations for use

Open the Can, place the Micro-garden in a bright place and water regularly (more or less often depending on the type of flower), following the instructions. When the seedlings have grown they can be transferred, if desired, or you can simply wait for the flowering.

Special Eco Gadget

Without a doubt, Flowers in a Can are a special eco-gadget. Suitable for any company, to be distributed as a gift. All recipients will be impressed by the originality of this green gadget. To amaze your commercials partners, you don’t need expensive items, but an original and possibly green idea like this!

For your Events, Fairs and Congresses

These customizable Flowers in a Can are perfect for brand advertising during events, fairs and conferences. Participants will surely be attracted by your stand, hoping to receive this green gadget for free. It is suitable for every target!

A Gift for your clients

Do you own a shop? For the inauguration, for Christmas or to celebrate other events, you can give to your customers fantastic Microgardens customized with your logo. You don’t need a green thumb to make a Flower in a Can bloom, and anyone will appreciate it. Thanks to the personalization of the can, you can extend your brand awareness.

Flowers in a can favors

Today more than ever, originality is appreciated at weddings. If the newlyweds want to impress their guests, Green Favors are an amazing idea!
To really amaze your guests, order customizable Microgardens. Nothing is better than a flower to symbolize a happy union and the birth of a new family.


Height: 9.1 cm
Diameter: 6.8 cm
Weight: 134-138 gr. It varies based on the type of soil used.
Standard Seeds ready for Delivery: Basil | Chives | Catnip | Geranium | Sunflower| Impatiens | Chili Pepper| Petunia | Picea Abies | Tomatoes | Radish | Rosemary | Sage | Marigold | Thyme | Periwinkle | Violet | Zinnia

Expiry Date: 18 Months from production.
Box: shipped in boxed of 36 pcs. Box Dimension: 33x40x15 cm.


Minimum Quantity: 72 pcs.
Delivery time: 7-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Type of Customizations: PVC Sticker – Printing directly on the can.
Note: the customer shall provide the graphics in high quality, in a .pdf or .ai format
Useful File .pdf:



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Arrival of the goods in 3-4 working days.

We use TnT or Dhl for shipping our products.

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Shipping Rates

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We are the Agricola Arnoldi. We produce this item in our headquarters in Capriate San Gervasio (BG). Get your quote in less than 24 hours!

15 reviews for Flowers in a can

  1. Luca

    Really a great idea! Well done

  2. Marco


  3. Lisa


  4. Stefano

    Thanks, they came out perfect!

  5. Miriam


  6. Elisa

    Customization very well done. Thanks

  7. Licia

    Great job, thank for your support, Sara.

  8. Sara

    I liked the idea very much, and personally even if I already knew them, I must say that these micro gardens are always beautiful!

  9. Andrea

    Well done! My customer really appreciated the gadget! thanks

  10. Stefano

    All the goods were delivered with punctuality. Very well done.

  11. Francesca

    Really beautiful!
    I purchased a customized version of these canned flowers and find them fantastic! Just water the soil regularly to sprout the seed contained within the can, and after a short time the seedling starts to sprout quickly.

  12. Silvana

    Lovely, thanks

  13. Stefania

    Original and cool idea. Thanks a lot 🙂

  14. Anonimo

    Everything was perfect. I hope to work together again!

  15. Elise

    Never thought I would have seen a flower grow from a tin can. Really impressive :=)

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