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Help us get rid of plastic pollution in the ocean. Our SEAQUAL® YARN Sport Towels are made with fibers derived from the plastic collected from the ocean.
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Sports Towels – SEAQUAL ® YARN: The perfect ally for your fitness, directly from nature!

After the great popularity of beach towels, SEAQUAL INITIATIVE amazes us today with an absolutely revolutionary product: Sports towels. A soft and absorbent eco-friendly towel made with the famous SEAQUAL® YARN, the fiber produced from plastic recovered from the ocean. This is an efficient and original way to reduce the environmental impact of your training, by choosing eco-friendly products that actively contribute to the reduction of pollutants dispersed in the environment. It is an ethical way to support forms of circular economy that significantly help local populations.

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE: The circular economy that involves local populations to clean up seas and oceans

Seas and oceans, but also rivers, banks, and beaches, of course. These are the areas that suffer the most from plastic pollution, which negatively affects natural ecosystems on many different levels. From the quality of the water, to the risk for the life and health of sea animals, to tourism, inevitably compromised by the presence of waste on the natural landscapes.

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE primarily relies on local communities for the recovery of waste. The activity also involves teams of expert scientists, as well as the production and development team of SEAQUAL ® YARN. But what is it all about? It is a 100% recycled polyester textile fiber derived from SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC, this means that every kilo of recovered plastic is fully used and generates a kilo of fiber.

SEAQUAL ® YARN: The eco-friendly fiber with a thousand uses, today also for sports!

SEAQUAL ® YARN is a textile fiber characterized by its extraordinary softness to the touch, accompanied by a higher resistance than the fibers commonly on the market. Because of this, it has been possible to use SEAQUAL ® YARN for the creation not only of a line of beach towels, but also of bags and clutches to take to the beach, to use for shopping, or even to pack for a short weekend away. Its high resistance allows it to be used in many different ways, but, above all, it makes it a trustable and truly indestructible product, ideal for all everyday activities.

A line of sports towels has been newly added to the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. They are eco-friendly and made of a textile blend composed of 30% Seaqual threads and 70% cotton, to ensure maximum absorbency and comfort. The sports towels measure 100x50cm, an ideal size for a number of indoor and outdoor sport activities. Are you curious to know how much plastic you have recovered? Each sports towel contains approximately 140 grams of SEAQUAL ® YARN filaments, corresponding to approximately 14 500ml plastic bottles. Which is definitely a great and positive impact on the environment.

Customize your sports towel with iGreen Gadgets!

With iGreen Gadgets, you can customize your sports towel in different ways. You can simply choose your company logo, or create patterns, use your own brand colors or have a date or a meaningful phrase included in the design. By combining your personalization with a useful and sustainable product, you will be able to amaze your customers and business partners, involving them in a highly effective communication campaign, which will link your name to a positive concept, such as that of protecting the environment.

Seaqual Yarn® Sport Towel for Fitness Place sport centre


Available sizes: 100x50cm
Material: 70% recycled cotton + 30% SEAQUAL® YARN

To make 1 kg of SEAQUAL® YARN, 1 kg of plastic collected in the seas is recycled. In a 100 × 170 cm beach towel, there are about 160 gr of SEAQUAL® YARN, which are equivalent to the recovery of about 16 bottles of 500 ml.

Packaging Towel 100x50cm: 50 units per box, 48x40x48cm. Weight 16kg


Customization type: Pantone color of choice + monochrome woven logo/slogan + customized tag in recycled paper

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