Squared Little Coffee Table

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The Golliaz Coffee Table is made of 100% recycled cardboard. Buy it in a neutral or customized version, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table

Our Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table is made entirely of 100% recycled cardboard, completely environmentally friendly. The surface is fully customizable through printing. This coffee table is a unique design object, with a strong visual impact, perfect to personalize your showroom, your shop or your office. Designed for the furnishing of interiors, it is lightweight, and easy to assembly and carry. It is also ultra-resistant and very high-quality.

Unique Creativity

With its unique and creative design, the Customizable Golliaz Coffee Table represents a truly innovative Eco Object. Its surface measuring 90 x 70 x 29 cm is fully customizable to your own likings.


Our Eco Objects are fully customizable with any image, advertising message, logo or creative pattern. This is thanks to direct four-color printing on the entirety of the object surface.

100% eco-friendly

The Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table is in recyclable cardboard, and, as such, 100% eco-friendly. Moreover, our cardboard furniture is fully recyclable, in line with environmental criteria.

Light and Handy

This coffee table is extremely versatile and can be used as furnishing element, to personalize your retail, exhibition, or business space. It is light and handy, easy to carry, assembly, locate, and relocate.

Made in Italy

This high-quality, customizable table prides itself of the made in Italy label. It is manufactured by an Italian company that is specialized in the production of cardboard furniture and is known for their exclusive design.

Eco Object

Our cardboard furniture is ideal to let your green mission shine through your business activities. Demonstrate your company’s efforts towards environmental preservation and protection by displaying this customizable coffee table.

Ideal in all places

Place our customizable cardboard furniture in shops and pop-up stores, offices, exhibition stands, seminars, fairs, events, etc. Thanks to its eye-pleasing and essential design, the Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table can effortlessly fit in any space.

Promotion ideas

This Eco Object offers a wide and visible surface that can be used for promotion and advertisement. Compared to other Eco Object, this coffee table offers a much larger surface for images, slogans and advertising messages.

Beautiful and functional

When you can personalize such a large surface with your brand ideas, an Eco Object like our customizable coffee table really does come in handy. It is beautiful and functional, and it will surely make your business stand out among other exhibition stands or interior showrooms.

The virtues of cardboard

Thanks to innovation in material technology, cardboard has become something more precious than just a packaging element. Today, it is loved by all designers thanks to its virtues, as it is light in weight, robust and easily shaped into a variety of creative designs.


Our customizable cardboard furniture can be used over and over again. It is not only light and easy to carry, but it is also simple to store and takes up minimal space. It is surely going to be a precious ally to promote your brand in every business and exhibition event.


Material: Recycled cardboard
Dimension: 90×70 cm. x 29 cm. in height
Weight: 6 kg
Colors: Havana


The Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table can be customized choosing any graphic design, pattern, and advertising message, with direct four-color printing on all or part of the eco-object surface, starting from a minimum of 10 units.

This is how Martini decided to customize our Cardboard Golliaz Coffee Table:


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