Seed Bag Hang Tags


Customizable Seed Bag Hang Tags with any image, logo, message, front & back. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

F/R customization -> minimum quantity 2000 pcs
a Piece
Prices plus delivery cost.
Delivery time: 15 - 20 days

Product Description

Seed Bag Hang Tag


Seed bag hang tag: the useful eco-green friendly drip saver!

A practical drip saver that can be paired with a wine collar, craft beer, oil or balsamic vinegar bottle. Made of FSC paper and embellished to become seed hang tags. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Yet it is reality! And it doesn’t end there, because the large print area allows for each hang tag to be personalized, making these seed hang tags perfect for private events, giveaways, and corporate events.

Creativity and design in the service of eco-sustainability

Along with the plantable paper drip savers, the seed hang tags are proposed as an environmentally sustainable gadget to give an extra touch to food and wine gift or to decorate a table. Thanks to the combination of a cutting-edge design and material, heat-sealed FSC paper with a glossy effect, which not only represents one of the latest innovations, but also guarantees the preservation of seeds, the seed hang tag drip saver is the gadget that will allow you to capture attention in a sophisticated, yet original way. Ideal for all kinds of bottles, to link the art of conviviality with awareness of environmental issues.

Two different sizes for each type of bottle

The seed hang tags are designed in two different sizes: two hole sizes of 30mm and 42mm and two sizes of 62.09mm and 76.2mm. This makes them perfect both for bottles with thicker necks, such as those of oil – to be combined perhaps with olive seed drip savers – and for bottles with thinner necks, such as those of wine or spirits. A choice designed to meet all kinds of needs. In fact, versatility is at the heart of this drip saver gadget, as is also shown by the incredible variety of seed bag hang tags, which allow you to choose from colorful plants, herbs and even small fruits.

From mint to chamomile, a virtually endless choice!

Yes, the drip saver with seed bag hang tags are also distinguished by the incredible variety of seeds that are available. A few examples? Aromatic basil, but also fragrant marigold, forget-me-nots and zinnia to decorate a windowsill or desk. Sage, tomato and thyme to give to those who wish to grow their own produce. Plus chrysanthemums, poppies, sunflowers and more. The heat-sealed FSC paper also ensures excellent seed storage for as long as 24 months, making this gadget also ideal for larger communication campaigns that require more planning.

Customize seed bag hang tags with four-color printing from iGreen Gadgets!

One of the advantages of seeds are the availability of a large printable surface, making them perfect for even more elaborate messages and creative compositions. Thanks to the customization service offered by iGreen Gadgets, you can have your seed hang tag made with high-definition four-color printing, decorating them with your corporate colors or with colors matching your communication campaign, but also adding your logo, useful information about the event, or even instructions for sprouting seeds, thus making your giveaway even more welcome.


Available Sizes:
– 62,09x127mm
– 76,2x140mm
Paper:FSC heat-sealed paper with glossy effect.
Weight: 5g.
Expiration: 24 Months from production.

Box: shipped in box of 500pcs -> Box size: 40x30x20cm.


Minimum Quantity: 2500pcs
Delivery time: 15-20 days based on quantity.
Customization types: four-color printing.
Available Sizes:
– 62,09x127mm
– 76,2x140mm
Notes: customer must provide graphics for customization in .pdf format
Useful .pdf files:

62.09x127mm-Seed Bag Hang Tags

76,2x140mm-Seed Bag Hang Tags


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