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Sprout Pencil Favor

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Sprout Pencil is the first pencil that plants and grows, and is 100% biodegradable. Customize it we help you make the perfect design!

Basic Customization – 100 pcs
a Piece
Prices plus delivery cost.
Delivery time: 10 days

Product Description

Sprout Pencil Favor

Unique, Original and Ecological Wedding Favors!

A green alternative to traditional Favors with sugared almonds? Sprout Pencils are ideal to amaze guests, they are very original and ecological wedding favors. Made with Sprout Pencil, the first pencil that plants and grows. The pencil is kept in a recycled paper case with customizable graphics. 100% biodegradable.

Sprout Pencil

Sprout Pencils are Plantable Pencils made of birch wood. At the end they are provided with a biodegradable capsule, with non-GMO seeds that germinate in contact with water. Perfect for ecological favors!

Do they blossom?

Of course! You can use Sprout pencil like a regular pencil, but when they become too short to write, you can plant them in a vase, ensuring light and water. In a few weeks the first shoots are born!

100% Recycled Paper Case

Pencil Favors are made up of the Sprout Pencil + Pencil case with personalized graphics, complete with instructions in Italian or English.

Pencil Customization

The pencil can be customized by selecting the color of mine and the type of flower and plant. The pencil is wood-colored, and the graphics recall the color of the chosen flower or plant.

Case Customization

The pencil case can be personalized with a graphic of your choice: for example, the names of the spouses, the wedding date, a photo and a short message such as “Thank you” or “Just married!”.

Flowers or Plants?

Seeds of different flowers or plants are available for the Pencil Favors: Forget Me Not, Daisy, Basil, Coriander, Sunflower and many other varieties.


Many couples choose DIY Favors to save money. But why complicate life? The Sprout Pencil Favors are beautiful and already-made economic wedding gift!

Love for nature

The Sprout Pencil Favors are 100% ecological and biodegradable. They do not contain toxic materials at all. The lead is in graphite and clay, while the exterior is made of birch wood. They symbolize love for nature. Anywhere, you can grow a flower or a seedling!

How to use it properly

When using the pencil, do not damage the capsule. Plant it in a good potting soil, bury the capsule entirely. Expose to natural light and water regularly.

Original idea

To amaze your guests you don’t need an expensive Favor, but an original idea. With the Sprout Pencil it is impossible to make mistakes! So unique, ecological and actively involve each guest, who will be able to grow his seedling.
Share with your guests the joy of this wonderful moment! Give them the Sprout Pencil Favor.

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Height: 19 cm.
Width: 0,8 cm.
Weight: 5 gr.
Expiry Date: 18 months from production.
Guarantee of authenticity and quality: product compliant with CE regulations.
Available Seeds: Carnation | Sunflower | Daisy | Forget Me Not | Cherry Tomato | Sage| Thyme.

Available colors in addition to graphite: Color pencils are associated with a specific plant / flower, here are the colors available:
Green (Basil)
Yellow (Daisy)
Orange (Sage)
Blue (Forget Me Not)
Brown (Coriander)
Pink (Thyme)
Red (Carnation)
Purple (Mexican Sage)


Minimum Quantity: 500pcs.
Timing: 2-3 weeks, based on the quantities requested.
Customization of the original Sprout® case pencil holder with personalized graphics, with instructions in Italian or English [100% recycled paper].
Space for customization of original Sprout® case: 21cm x 5cm.
Available Seeds: Carnation | Sunflower | Daisy | Forget Me Not | Cherry Tomato | Sage| Thyme.

Note: the customer must provide the graphics in high quality format as .ai .eps .pdf
Useful File .pdf:

Available colors in addition to graphite: Color pencils are associated with a specific plant / flower, here are the colors available:

Green (Basil)
Yellow (Daisy)
Orange (Sage)
Blue (Forget Me Not)
Brown (Coriander)
Pink (Tyme)
Red (Carnation)
Purple (Mexican Sage)


Added Services
Assembling: Sprout pencil assembly in his single case.
Sharpening: sharpening pencil service.
Graphic consultancy: graphic onsulence for the realization of the perfect personalization, both of the pencil and of the single packaging that contains the pencil.


Where we ship our products

Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary.

Arrival of the goods in 3-4 working days on Islands.

We use Tnt or Dhl for shipping our products.

Order Tracking

We will notify you by email when the order has been shipped.

Shipping Rates

The cost applied for shipping the order varies based on the quantity, the type of products ordered, and the shipping address. For online orders, the shipping cost will be shown once you have selected your province, and you will have the option not to place your order if you decide not to.


We are Sprout Europe ApS, born in North America and based in Europe in Taastrup in via Taastrup Hovedgade n.111B [Denmark] – VAT DK35418148

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2 reviews for Sprout Pencil Favor

  1. Emiliana

    I ordered Sprout pencils to use as favors, and guests were definitely amazed by the novelty!
    The idea of ​​the pencil that you can plant was very welcome, as well as the types of flowers chosen 🙂

  2. Nicoletta

    Really fantastic. Fast shipping . Excellent service! Taken as a baptism favor, I recommend it!

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