Seaqual Beach Towel


Help us get rid of plastic pollution in the ocean. Our Seaqual Beach Towels are made with fibers derived from the plastic collected from the ocean. Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Seaqual Beach Towel

The beach towel to the rescue of our oceans!

Seaqual Beach Towels are the first ever eco-friendly beach towels that come right from the ocean! 40% of their total composition consists of woven fibers derived from the plastic waste collected in the oceans, the SEAQUAL® YARN. These beach towels are part of a project aimed not only at cleaning up the ocean, but also at supporting local businesses freeing up beaches and coral reefs, contributing to ocean cleaning initiatives. All of this in a product with a modern design, made in a traceable fiber, and entirely customizable with names, messages, and logos.

Join the SEAQUAL Initiative

Seaqual Beach Towels are the result of a project, the SEAQUAL Initiative, which involves non-governmental organizations, fishers, local authorities, scientists, researchers and private investors. The idea at the base of this challenging initiative is that of raising social awareness towards forms of circular economy. How? By cleaning the oceans, the coasts, the coral reefs, the rivers and the estuaries, removing the plastic waste that has been dispersed in the ocean, such as industrial waste, and reconverting this waste into new usable material, the SEAQUAL® YARN.

Seaqual Beach Towels: the fiber with a DNA

The SEAQUAL® YARN, of which the Seaqual Beach Towels are made, is not only a 100% recycled material, it is also traceable. Its peculiarity is indeed the presence of a DNA tracker, that allows you to trace back the history of the fabric, learning where the plastic used for its manufacturing was collected, and consequently which local communities benefitted from this activity.

A unique and modernly designed product

Seaqual Beach Towels are made of 60% recycled cotton and 40% SEAQUAL® YARN, the fiber derived from the manufacturing of plastic waste found in the ocean. This mix allows for a light and soft end product, with the unmistakable design of modern beach towels: aesthetically pleasing, but also light and soft. Perfect for drying off after going for a swim, but without weighing bags and backpacks down. All of this with the option of choosing between two available sizes, to satisfy every need: a smaller one, measuring 140x70cm, and a bigger one, measuring 170x100cm.

Customize your Seaqual Beach Towel with iGreenGadgets!

Thanks to the cooperation with iGreen, Seaqual Beach Towels are fully customizable. You will be able to choose the color of your model, with the option of adding a monochromatic tone-on-tone woven logo, slogan, or both, in the size that you prefer, even covering the whole surface of the beach towel. You will also be able to customize the tags with your trademark, or with other texts such as a meaningful date or a message representing your mission.


Available sizes: 140x70cm and 170x100cm
Material: 60% recycled cotton + 40% SEAQUAL® yarn

To make 1 kg of Seaqual filament, 1 kg of plastic collected in the seas is recycled. In a 100 × 170 cm beach towel, there are about 160 gr of Seaqual filaments, which are equivalent to the recovery of about 16 bottles of 500 ml.

Packaging Towel 140x70cm: 50 units per box, 48x40x48cm. Weight 16kg
Packaging Telo 170x100cm: 40 units per box, 48x40x48cm. Weight 16kg


Customization type: Pantone color of choice + monochrome woven logo/slogan + customized tag in recycled paper


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We are SEAQUAL, based in Josep Hereu i Aulet 8, 17160 Anglès, Girona, Spain.
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