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Sorbos® Edible straws

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Sorbos® – Edible and Flavored Straws. The first edible and flavored straws in the world. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Sorbos® Edible and flavored straws

Eliminate plastic from your drinks in a Unique way!

The first edible straws, flavored and 100% biodegradable, you use them to drink and then eat them! Made with glazed sugar (only 23 calories), corn starch and water, they are available with the taste of Lemon, Strawberry, Lime, Ginger, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Chocolate and Neutral. Eliminate plastic from your drinks and offer customers a more intense flavor for a new drink experience!

Unique creativity and personalization

Make your drinks memorable with personalized biodegradable straws. Imprint on each straw your company logo or a phrase for a special occasion to personalize them with what best reflects you. The customization is done by single-color screen printing using products that guarantee its edibility.

Explosive Drink Experience

The aroma of the straw does not alter the taste of the drink in any way, but its internal soul is enriched by the taste of the drink. Try a new combination of flavors in full protection of the environment. In addition, the straw remains intact inside the drink for more than 30 minutes.

Ecological and Zero Environmental Impact

Edible straws are 100% ecological. Their use allows you to make a conscious choice, reducing the dispersion of plastic in the environment, one of the main sources of pollution on the planet. Did you know that ordinary plastic straws are not recyclable? That’s right. This occurs because they do not represent packaging and therefore are not thrown together with common plastic products. In other words, they contribute to causing problems for the habitat of wild fauna and flora, the soil, rivers and seas. With Sorbos® you can make your contribution to safeguarding the planet.

Promote your Brand in an Innovative way

Promote with an innovative product. Choose the ecological straws to get noticed and to communicate effectively with your target. Spread your brand by printing your logo on Sorbos® straws and you will only have to add them to drinks during your events. Success is assured!


If you don’t organize events but still want to use edible straws for marketing, find a business partner, such as bars or discos, willing to insert your straws into drinks. The partner will earn extra to attract customers and you will get free publicity from a new audience.

What are you waiting for?

The secret for explosive cocktails is to combine the aroma of the straw with that of the drink. Serve the Mojito with the lime straw, the Cuba Libre with the lemon straw and the Caipiroska with the strawberry straw. Unleash your creativity and offer your customers a unique experience! It’s the right time to get rid of plastic and advertise with zero-impact straws.


Made with glazed sugar (only 23 calories), corn starch and water.

NUTRITIONAL VALUES – Average values ​​for 100gr of product (~ 9 gr./pz)
Energy: 1,598.43 kJ / 382.40 kcal
Fat: 0 gr.
Saturated fatty acids: 0 gr.
Carbohydrates: 98.27 gr.
Sugars: 94.37 gr.
Protein: 1,70 gr.
Salts: 0 gr.

Technical Details:
Sorbos_Presentation_italy – iGreengadgets.pdf


Type of Personalization: Single color screen printing




SORBOS® straw respects the environment because it is 100% biodegradable.


Offer your customers a new taste experience that will leave them pleasantly surprised.


You can taste it SORBOS® in 7 different flavors, and new ones will be available soon.


SORBOS® Straw it can be customized with the logo of your company, your restaurant or a phrase for a special occasion.


Enjoy your drink! SORBOS® straw maintains its crunchiness inside the drink for about 40 minutes.


If stored in a dry place, SORBOS® straw it can be kept for up to 2 years inside its case.


We are the Sorbos , based in Montornès del Vallès (Barcelona), C / Can Parellada, 26 Nave2 – Spain

Get the best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!



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3 reviews for Sorbos® Edible straws

  1. Stefania

    Great Idea, really delicious! Thanks

  2. Matteo

    Thanks. I was really excited .. customers don’t believe they can even eat. Unique product, thanks again!

  3. Giovanna

    I have tried all the varieties and they are very delicious and pleasant to bite!

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