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Ecobag with soil and organic seeds. The envelope turns into precious fertilizer for your seedling. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!

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Product Description


The biodegradable bag that becomes fertilizer

Ecobag is the sustainable and ecological solution to create your green corner indoors, at home or in the office. The 100% biodegradable bag, made of resistant Kraft paper and coated with corn starch, turns into an excellent fertilizer to feed your plants. It contains potting soil and seeds of different plants, which will grow directly in your office, in your shop or in your kitchen! You can grow beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots, or fragrant spices.

How does ecobag work?

Cut the envelope and pour the seeds into the potting soil inside, then water it and wait. After a few days you will already see the first shoots, and with the right care your seedling will continue to grow and bloom.
After a few months the Ecobag biodegradable envelope can be transplanted as it is in a pot or in the garden. Kraft paper and the special corn starch coating, will turn into excellent fertilizer that will make your seedling grow even more!

Use your creativity

Choose among the many types of Ecobag, those you like the most. You have a wide choice of flowers, vegetables and spices and you can compose your original small indoor garden using all your creativity.


You can personalize your Ecobag with any message, logo or image, printing it both front and back. You choose how to customize your Ecobag! The customization takes place with a special four-color direct printing technique.


By purchasing Ecobag you make an ecological choice and take care of the environment. The biodegradable packaging does not become a waste but it transforms itself into organic fertilizer for the soil, excellent for growing your plants.

Eco-friendly advertising

Printing flyers to advertise your brand or business is expensive, polluting and does not attract public attention. But having your logo and your message printed on Ecobag will make you immediately visible and recognizable, and your brand will be connected with a green philosophy.

A unique showcase

Display Ecobag in the window of your shop or store, to make that space beautiful, unique and immediately recognizable. It will attract the attention and curiosity of customers giving you a greater visibility.

Gadgets and original gifts

Do you want to pay homage to your most loyal customers? Do you want to celebrate an anniversary or a particular event by giving a unique, non-trivial and eco-sustainable object that reminds you of your brand? With Ecobag you can create original, unique and personalized gadgets that will make your customers happy and will not end up in the trash!

Special promotions and invitations

You can also use Ecobag to promote a new opening or invite your customers to a special event, such as a show or an exhibition. Personalize your Ecobags with the events you want to advertise, and remember to explain what is Ecobag, how it works, what seeds it contains and how to use it. It will be a unique and original way to attract more audiences to your event!


Height: 22 cm
Width: 13 cm
Weight: 100 gr.
Standard Seeds Prompt Delivery: Basil | Sunflower | Chili Pepper | Calendula | Forget Me Not | Carrot | Spinach
Expiry Date: 18 months from production
Box: shipped in boxes of 30 pcs. Box dimension: h41x31x17 cm.


Minimum Quantity: 60 pcs
Timing: 10-14 days, ased on the quantities requested.
Type of Customizations: Four-color printing front or front/back.

Note: he customer must provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf or .ai format
Useful File .pdf:


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Get the best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!

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  1. Elizabeth

    I will definitely use these tomatoes for my next recipe

  2. William

    Shipped on time. Great customer service. Very highly reccomended

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