Protective Screen


Practical and free-standing protective screens. Made of a cardboard frame and PET screen. Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

Protective Screens

Protective Screens: eco-friendly safety!

This eco-sustainable protective screen protects not only your health, but also that of your employees, while respecting the environment. This is the idea behind our protective screens, made of recycled corrugated cardboard and PET. A barrier that will be protective for you and safe for the nature. You can customize them choosing among different colors, sizes and patterns – they are perfect to fit formal desks as well as more creative ones.

Practical, safe, eco-friendly!

Our eco-friendly protective screens have a base made of recycled corrugated cardboard that can guarantee maximum stability. In just one step you can insert the panel in its base and make your desk safer. PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is a synthetic material that complies with the highest eco-sustainability, safety, and hygiene standards. Transparent in color, 100% recyclable and so robust that it is also used in the food industry, PET is a perfect substitute for plexiglass, for all those who are looking for a 100% safe material but do not want to give up environmental efforts.

Eco-friendly design at the service of safety

Our eco-friendly protective screen is the ideal solution for working stations, where the solidity of the material, the practicality and the design of the furnishing elements are combined with the attention towards environmental issues, giving life to products that are practical to use, nice to look at, and that do not pollute the planet. The perfect product to complete the setup of your cardboard desk, with a format that protects without taking up too much space, and that gives you the possibility of choosing the model that best suits your working station among many available versions.

Choose the protective screens that suit you best!

Our protective screens are available in two standard sizes: 100 or 140 cm in width by 75 cm in height, but other sizes are available on request. The frame, in recycled corrugated cardboard, is 10 cm wide and available in white or Havana. You will also be able to choose among three different versions: a plain one, with a linear design, a wave-design frame with slightly curved edges to give character to your working station, and a geometric frame, where the PET panel and the frame are intersected to create a geometric pattern that will decorate your office while guaranteeing privacy and brightness.

The ideal gadget for every working station

Our protective screens have been designed to meet every taste and need, and to fit every professional environment, from more formal ones to those in which an original furniture design is part of the brand image. The PET panel is completely see-through to guarantee maximum brightness, and the possibility of choosing the color – neutral or white –, the size and the design of the frame will allow you to install the eco-friendly protective screen on your working stations while harmonizing it with the already present furniture. This will give place to a comfortable and relaxing environment, in full respect of the workers’ health and of environmental sustainability.


Width: 100 / 140 cm
Total height: 75 cm
Footing width: 20 cm
Frame border: 10 cm
Other sizes on request.
Colors: Available in White or Havana
Corrugated cardboard: recycled corrugated cardboard, used to create durable elements that are at the same time light in weight and easy to carry.
PET transparent panels: PET screens allow to have walls that do not reduce the brightness of the spaces and that preserve sociability. 100% recyclable material.



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Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!



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