Green Espresso

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The gadget 100% eco-friendly. The pot is biodegradable and will feed the plant once it has grown. Customize it, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Green Espresso

The Espresso Gadget to create a seedling. 100% Ecological.

The recycled paper package includes peat, seeds and a biodegradable jar. Growing Green Espresso is very easy. Hydrated the peat pod in the jar, add the seeds and after a few days the seedlings will be born. Green Espresso can be moved directly into the soil. The jar will dissolve within a short time, becoming a valuable nourishment for the seedlings . Green Espresso is a Eco-Gadget entirely made in Italy and completely eco-compatible, recycled paper packaging, non-GMO seeds, natural peat and 100% biodegradable jar.

Unique Creativity. Choose your own Design

Green Espresso represent something unique and innovative. You can customize them as you want. For example, print your logo and a green message, on a background that recalls nature. It can be customized with any Image or Logo. The customization takes place by means of direct four-color printing, on the entire surface of the gadget.

Does it really blossom?

Of Course, this green gadget is a mini kit that allows you to grow a real seedling of basil, geranium, sunflower or chili pepper. The process is very easy, fast and fun to follow.

How to do it

Soak the peat pod in warm water for about 5 minutes and then, put it back in the jar. Pour the seeds and cover them at about 5mm deep. Then just expose the jar to natural light and water it just enough to keep the soil moist.

Biodegradable Jar

Depending on the species of plant used, the seeds can germinate in a few days or 2/3 weeks. When the plant has grown, it can be transplanted by leaving it directly in its pot, which is 100% biodegradable.

Suitable for all Targets

Everyone will love Green Espresso! It is a small, complete and 100% ecological kit, which simplifies the cultivation of a plant as much as possible. With this Eco-Gadget, anyone can give birth to a plant!


One of the most important conditions for the success of a marketing campaign is the novelty. And this Ecological Gadget with the biodegradable jar is a super innovative idea, which, referring to environmental issues, is also very current.


There is no better Eco-Gadget than that which actively involves the recipient. Green Espresso makes growing a seedling super easy. Everything you need is in the kit. You just need to add a little water. Guaranteed fun!

Perfect Green Gadget

Green Espresso is the ideal gadget for to tie your brand to a green message. Contribute to raise awareness of environmental issues. Enhance and show everyone the attention of your company in protecting the environment.

Who to give Green Espresso to?

You can distribute this Green Gadget to the public at fairs, events and conferences. Or, you can give Green Espresso to customers for parties and anniversaries. Or again, you can use it in the context of your marketing campaigns.

Guaranteed success

Take advantage of the moment of distribution of the gadget to establish a dialogue with the public. Whatever your goal is, spreading your message with a Green Gadget like this is a guarantee of success.


Height: 9,3 cm.
Width: 6 cm.
Depth: 4,8 cm.
Weight: 19 gr.
Expiry Date: 18 Months from production.
Packaging material: recycled paper 100%.
Material Biodegradable jar: rice husk.
Box: shipped in box of 64 pcs – box dimension: 25x25x22 cm.



Minimum quantity: 256pcs
Timing: 7-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Type of Customizations: four-colors printing
Note: the customer must provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf or .ai format.
Useful file .pdf :


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We are the Agricola Arnoldi Srl. We produce this item in our headquarters in Capriate San Gervasio (BG). Get your quote in less than 24 hours!


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  2. Andrea

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    Very nice product. Thanks!

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    Thanks for your patience and support. The result came out just perfect!!

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