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Ecological gadgets for advertising your brand

Ecological gadgets for advertising your brand

Winning brand advertising with original and personalized “green” ideas

Today, the most effective brand advertising relies on a “green” brand, which appeals to consumers and enhances corporate efforts aimed at eco-sustainability. Associating your corporate image with care and environmental protection means having an ecological brand, which promotes a healthier environment.
For a new and creative brand advertising, discover our awesome Eco Gadgets. Your brand will remain printed in the mind of those who receive them!

Original gadgets and irresistible ideas for effective brand advertising

iGreen Gadgets knows how to highlight the green aspect of your brand, with originality. Enough of anonymous flyers and the usual gadgets such as pens, hats, paperweights … They simply do not have the sufficient impact to remember your image.
Instead, iGreen Gadgets iGreen Gadgets proposals for your brand advertising are so original and fun that anyone would like to receive them as a gift!

1. Among the latest gadget news, the Sprout Pencil. When it becomes too short to be used…plant it in a pot to see it germinates in contact with water.

2. Another irresistible idea are the Flowers in a can. Open the can and the seeds and bulbs inside it begin to grow. In a few days, real flowers bloom.

Thanks to our Eco Gadgets, you can celebrate your special event, remember an important date or launch a new product! Our promotional gadgets will be the icing on the cake, making your event unique and unforgettable in the most original way.

Personalization for enhanced brand advertising

Imagine a customer leaving your shop with a customizedeco gadget…maybe, a micro-garden, or a Tree USB, or a Planable Calendar, imprinted with your logo or promotional message. Well, his shopping experience continues. Even at home, the customer will be satisfied with his ecological gadget. And he probably won’t resist the temptation to show it to friends and family.
iGreen Gadget personalizes ecological gadgets and promotional items with your logo, company name or the message you want. Thus you will get an enhanced brand advertising, which will continue to spread and explain its effects.

Why is important to associate the corporate image with the care and protection of the environment: Green Marketing

Starting from the use of recycled or renewable resources to the choices to reduce energy consumption and waste, there seems to be a universal effort by businesses and consumers to protect the planet. Of course, everyone does everything possible to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. In this context, associating your corporate image with the care and protection of the environment is a winning choice and projected towards the future.
For this reason, the best brand advertising is the one that communicates eco-sustainability. Undoubtedly, Green Marketing is among the most popular and innovative brand advertising solutions of the moment. It consists of selling by focusing on attention to the environment.

Which companies can do Green Marketing?

If it is true that every company can strive to have a lesser impact on the environment, then practically all companies can focus on green marketing. For example, you can bet on:

1. use of recycled materials
2. production of recyclable goods
3. eco-sustainable production
4. absence of toxic materials or substances that damage the ozone
5.Waste-free packaging

After that, all that remains is to enhance these efforts, communicating them to customers and the public, with a green image and splendid eco gadgets.
What are you waiting for? Help the environment and your company to be perceived as an eco-sustainable company.
Start your ecological communication today, with iGreen Gadgets!

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