Airplants in a Wooden Cube

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Air plants are very modern and very easy to take care of, ours come in wooden cubes. Customize your Air plant, get the best quote in less than 24 hours. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

Airplants in a Wooden Cube

Airplants don’t need any soil!

Incredibly easy to take care of, exotic and mysterious: Tillandsia plants are truly an original gift idea for friends and business partners. Four varieties of plants to choose from, and all in a modern green package: a wooden cube that can be personalized with laser engraving on the sides. As with the EcoCube, just provide us with the graphics you want to realize and choose your Tillandsia variety; we’ll take care of the rest!

Tillandsia, the plant that lives on air

Originally from South America, Tillandsia does not need to be planted in soil, nor to be watered. Just place it in a bright environment and spray it with water twice a week. Since air plants take their nourishment mainly from the humidity in the air, they can survive completely on their own for up to two weeks. This makes them ideal for those who are often on business trips, or to bring children closer to nature and inspire in them respect for the environment with an easy-to-manage plant.

Unique from all points of view

There are four varieties of Air Plants to choose from: Abdida, Ionantha, Medusae and Pruinosa. These varieties of Tillandsia are very different from each other both in shape and color. In addition, air plants produce numerous shoots, but they bloom only once during their life cycle. Each flower is unique in shape, a feature that will make these plants an even more welcome and original homage. For those with a green thumb, it is also possible to arrange the shoots in new containers and create real families of Air Plants.

Small, practical and light

The cubes that contain our Air Plants measure 6.5×6.5×6.5 cm, and weigh only 150 grams. An eco-friendly gadget that is convenient in all respects; it is suitable to be placed in a gift bag, as a favor and as a gift for your customers or commercial partners. A present that will certainly be welcomed and difficult to forget, perfect to spread your corporate philosophy.

Wide possibility of customization

Aerial plants offer many customization possibilities, choose the one that your heart desires! Just select the variety of Tillandsia that you want, provide us with the graphics to be laser-engraved on the side of the wooden cube and you’re done. The 6.5×6.5 cm surface offers a wide customization space, suitable to have a text of your choice, your company logo, a design, or much more reproduced on it. The precise and long-lasting laser engraving on wood guarantees the highest quality in the creation of all kinds of graphics.


Height: 6.5 cm
Width: 6.5 cm
Weight: 150 gr.
Box: shipped in box of 60 pcs – box dimension: L90 x W85 x H110 cm
Mixed varieties available:
Tillandsia Ionantha Baby
Tillandsia Ionantha Red


Minimum Quantity: 60 pcs
Delivery time: 10-14 days, based on the quantities requested
Customization Types: Laser Engraving

Note: the customer shall provide the graphics in high quality, in .pdf or .ai format
Useful File .pdf:


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3 reviews for Airplants in a Wooden Cube

  1. Chiara

    Wonderful air plants and they don’t need any soil exactly as the description says. I had the wooden cube engraved and it turned out perfectly. The wood is smooth and the design precise and clean. The final result is definitely impressive!
    Thank you guys

  2. Debora

    An innovative product, absolutely in line with expectations!
    These seedlings do not need soil and require very little care. A beautiful idea for a gift.
    I will definitely buy them again!

  3. George

    I didn’t know about this product, but I was very satisfied with the final result and will definitely buy some more. Thank you,

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