Seed Bags in Tomato Fiber Paper Bags


Tomato Fiber Seed Bags customizable with any image, logo, message, front & back. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

Front and Back Customization -> minimum quantity 2.000 pcs
a Piece
Prices plus delivery cost.
Delivery time: 15 - 20 days

Product Description

Seed Bags in Tomato Fiber Paper Bags

Seed bags: lots of seeds and the ultra-strong material you don’t expect!

Organic seed bags produced with paper from tomato fibers. Does it sound like a tongue twister? Or is it too good to be true? None of the above: seed bags made from environmentally sustainable-and customizable-tomato fiber are a reality! To be more precise, the very latest reality in eco-sustainable gadgets from iGreen, which now offers the possibility of buying seeds in an even greener way. We thought it wasn’t possible to be greener than this, but it is!

From the tomato a unique fiber

The paper from tomato fibers with which the organic seed bags are made represents the latest frontier in the plant fiber scene. Made with cutting-edge technology that allows the fiber of the tomato plant to be processed, it is used in the paper industry to make high-quality paper and cardboard. A solution that, on the one hand, makes it possible to make a 100 percent sustainable material and-no small feat-give new life to tomato processing waste, reusing what in the food industry has hitherto been considered “throw-away.” On the other, thanks to the undoubted qualities of this fiber, it gives rise to sturdy papers and boards that are destined to last.

Fun fact: Tomato fiber paper is an FSC-certified product and is considered one of the twenty most innovative products in the pulp industry. The first recognition of tomato fiber? The Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards 2016, given to the very board made from tomato fiber paper for… the pizza box! An amusing anecdote that shows us not only the now countless uses of tomato, but is also definitely explanatory of the high degree of strength of paper made from this fiber.

Three different formats and lots of seeds for all the uses you want

Organic seed pouches made from tomato fiber are available in three different sizes, lending themselves to numerous uses. From gifts to customers, suppliers and business partners to small promotional giveaways to be distributed at events and fairs. And the variety is not limited only to packaging, as it is also possible to choose different seeds from colorful wildflowers, vegetables and herbs, with the possibility, therefore, to match the bags to the theme chosen for one’s communication campaign.

Customize it with iGreen!

iGreen Gadgets offers its clients an exclusive customization service that allows them to make each gadget absolutely unique and perfectly adherent to its purpose, with a wide range of choices for their campaigns. Thanks to high-definition four-color printing, customized layouts can be created on the seed bags on both the front and the back. You can add logos, make a print in your corporate colors, but also make the organic seed bags unique with dates, claims and any other kind of message you want to convey. A way to proactively spread the green philosophy, and make your communication more effective and impactful.

Occitanie - Tomato fiber paper bags Large

Myosotis - Tomato bags PromoseedsBee Friendly - Tomato fiber paper bags Medium


Available Sizes:
– 62.09×80 mm
– 87.09×127 mm
– 101.6×152.5 mm

Paper: Tomato Fiber paper integrated with FSC paper and heat-sealed.
Weight: 5 gr.
Expiration: 24 Months from production.
Box: shipped in box of 500pcs -> Box size: 40x30x20 cm.


Minimum Quantity: 2.000pcs
Timing: 15-20 days based on quantity.
Personalization Type: four-color printing.
Available Sizes:
– 62.09×80 mm
– 87.09×127 mm
– 101,6×152,5 mm

Notes: customer must provide graphics for customization in .pdf format
Useful .pdf:
62.09×80 mm – Small envelopes in seeds
87.09×127 mm – Medium envelopes in seeds
101,6×152,5 mm – Large envelopes in seeds



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