Seed Bombs – Golf Balls

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Plantable seed bombs inspired from real golf balls. Throw them and whatch them sprout! Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Seed Bombs – Plantable Golf Balls

These Seed Bombs are inspired to golf balls, throw them and they will sprout!

These “Seed Bombs” are inspired to golf balls, you can throw them and they will sprout. White in color and of the same size of a golf ball, they contain a handful of seeds in a biodegradable shell made of recycled materials. Particularly appreciated by golf players, they represent an ideal promotion product for golf tournaments. 100% biodegradable. The packaging in biodegradable corn plastic can be customized with your company logo!

Unique Creativity

Our seed bombs can be planted, and these ones in particular remind of golf balls. This makes of them some truly eco-friendly, unique and innovative golf inspired gadgets! Each set consists of 3 plantable golf balls contained in a transparent corn plastic packaging.


You can customize these golf inspired gadgets. We will be glad to print your company logo on the top part of the packaging, on the dedicated cardboard topper, which measures 10 x 5 cm once folded.


Among the golf inspired gadgets, plantable golf balls are an absolute novelty. You throw them and they sprout! When they come in contact with soil and water, the biodegradable shell breaks up and beautiful flowers bloom in the sun light.

Guerrilla Gardening

The idea behind seed bombs is that of making flowers multiply with a simple gesture, by throwing them and watching them bloom. With these seed bombs you will implement a true and proper guerrilla gardening advertising campaign!

Wild Flowers

Inside our seed bombs there is a mix of wild flower seeds, which will give life to a variety of colorful blossoms: gilia tricolor, clarkia, tetratheca ericifolia, alyssum, daisy, silene, and snapdragon.


Place the golf inspired seed bombs in a sunny spot and surround them with humid soil. For even better results, you can submerge them in water for a night before planting them. Ensure they receive plenty of water to ease the sprouting.

Golf Tournaments

What better occasion than a golf tournament to promote your brand? Add your trademark to this fun golf gadget, and the tournament participants will be glad to take away the seed bombs and plant them in their garden.


In occasion of special initiatives or marketing campaigns, give away a set of plantable seed bombs. It is a truly innovative idea, which will generate curiosity and involvement, and it will surely not go unnoticed!


Among all golf gadgets, these plantable golf balls are incredibly effective if you want to spread your message. They offer an experience linked to your brand name, and they will keep the experience alive thanks to beautiful and colorful flowers.

A Green Choice

If you want your message to impress and be remembered, link it with an eco-friendly choice. Show the attention of your business towards nature and environmental issues.
The time has come to impress and engage your target audience with these plantable golf balls!


Color of the seed bombs: white – golf balls
Measures: 3 seed bombs in a transparent packaging. Measures of the packaging: 12,50 x 10 cm.
Available seeds: Colorful wildflowers | Mixed Herbs [basil, oregano, parsley]

Gilia Tricolor, Clarkia, Black-Eyed Susan, Catchfly, Alyssum, Daisy, Snapdragon.

Mixed Herbs
Basil, Oregano, Parsley



You will be able to customize the top part of the packaging through four-color printing. This can include your logo and a short message.
The transparent packaging containing 3 balls measures 12,50 x 10 cm and the print area measures 9,8 cm x 5,10 cm.

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