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Awesome Seed bombs in the shape of quail eggs. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer.

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Product Description

The iGreen egg-shaped seed bombs!

Seedegg: egg-shaped seed bombs with customizable packaging!

Seedeggs are small bombs made up of potting soil and colored wildflower seeds. They are modeled in the shape of a quail egg, and packaged in a real cardboard egg holder, fully recyclable and customizable. A perfect idea to surprise friends and customers in view of the Easter holidays.

An original idea for the holidays

Seedeggs – seed bombs are a truly original gift. Together with Seed Bombs – Golf Balls, and Seed Bombs – Earth Day, they represent one of the most creative ways to sprout plants and flowers. And all with very little effort! Just read the instructions printed inside the package to immediately become an expert gardener.

An alternative way of doing guerrilla gardening

The fact that the Seedeggs – seed bombs are so easy to sprout makes them a pleasant surprise even for those who do not have a green thumb. Or for those who have children and want to educate them to respect the nature. A truly alternative way to do guerrilla marketing, because once you see the explosion of colors of the wildflowers, no one will no longer resist this small green area!

Green philosophy in a fun packaging

You can choose between two packaging types for your Seedeggs. The classic seed bag, in semitransparent compostable material, or a real egg cup. This packaging is fun both to look at and to unpack, each seed bomb has its own place and is far from the others to remain perfectly intact.

Choose how to grow your seedlings

Each seed bomb is made with compact soil, excellent both for being easily buried in a large pot and for being planted in a small glass container. This way you can also create real flower arrangements.

Personalize the packaging with writings and logos

Make your gift even more unique by personalizing the packaging of the seed eggs. Two packaging types are available: one with a single egg, with an outer layer in a compostable material and closed by a 11.5 × 6.3cm cardboard top. The second type is a set of six eggs, with a 9.5 × 6.5 × 5.5cm cardboard surface. This means that both have a large print area to ensure maximum visibility of a catchy phrase or your company logo.

A welcome gift for friends and business partners

With their original and fun shape, and the possibility to customize the packaging, Seedegg – seed bombs are also ideal as a gift for customers and business partners. These products are also made by a leading company in the sector, and this guarantees not only that you will surely leave your mark, but also of associating your brand with a high-quality product.

Recommendations for use

Like golf balls and Seed Bombs – Earth Day, you can have fun throwing your bombs, planting them in pots or in the garden, or seeing them sprout in a transparent container, just follow the simple instructions indicated on the package. Each seed bomb measures approximately 3.3 cm in height by 2.3 cm in diameter. A glass or a small vase will therefore suffice, and you can keep your plants comfortably on the desk.


Egg height: about 3.3cm
Egg diameter: about 2.3cm
Standard Seeds ready for Delivery: Mix of colored wildflowers.
Expiry Date: 18 Months from production.
Shipping Box: x 120 pcs 6 eggs pack – 50 x 41 x H37 cm Weight: 9Kg
x 120 pcs 1 egg pack – 39 x 24,5 x H17,5 cm Weight: 3 kg


Minimum quantity: 120 pcs.
Delivery time: 10-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Customization Types: Four-color printing on the packaging.

Note: the customer shall provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf or .ai format
Useful File .pdf:


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