R-Cup Stacker Coffee Cups And Collecting Stirrers

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R-Cups Stacker Coffee Cups And Collecting Stirrers is a cylindrical-shaped stacker. Buy it in a neutral or customized version. Get your best quote in less than 24 hours directly from the manufacturer.

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Product Description

R-Cups Stacker for Coffee Cups Stirrers

Bin for the collection of coffee cups and stirrers

No more mess in the coffee break area with our R-Cups Stacker! R-Cups is a practical and resistant plexiglass basket for offices and refreshment areas intended for the collection of plastic cups and coffee stirrers. It is designed to collect and stack large quantities of plastic cups and stirrers neatly, so that they take up as little space as possible. With an elegant and customizable design, it is made of easily washable materials. It is best placed next to coffee vending machines, in offices and refreshment areas.


R-Cups Stacker represents an innovative solution for the collection of plastic cups and coffee stirrers. Its lid with holes is designed for the tidy collection of cups inside of it.


With R-Cups you help to contain and reduce trash by facilitating separate collection. In addition, restoring order around the coffee vending machines will make your coffee break more pleasant and relaxing.

Smart Solution

R-Cups rationalizes the space for used coffee cups and it also allows you to save money on bin liners. R-Cups is very capacious. In the 6-hole lid version, it can collect up to 900 glasses and up to 9000 plastic stirrers. Instead, in the 4-hole version, it collects up to 600 glasses and up to 6000 plastic stirrers.

Material and Customization

The R-Cups Stacker is made of black plexiglass. You can buy it in a neutral or customized version. Choose your favorite design among those available for the decoration of R-Cups, and don’t forget to send us your company logo to customize the chosen design!

Modern Design

The cylindrical shape with lid and holes, together with the external decorations, make R-Cups a design element. Indispensable in the relax area of any modern office.

So Handy

Have you also noticed that the baskets next to the coffee vending machines are often too small? Taking a coffee break often means seeing cups and other waste items overflowing from bins. Solve the problem: R-Cups Stacker immediately brings the order back to your relax area!

Buy now

Do not wait. Tidy the mess caused by used coffee cups and stirrers now! Order now your R-Cups Stacker.


Material: Black Plexiglass.
Dimensions: Height 80cm x Diameter 35 cm

Compatible with standard liners 70x110cm.
Weight: 9 kg.
Neatly collects and stacks up to 900 glasses.
It also collects up to 9000 plastic stirrers
Available designs:


Customization: Four-color Printing


Extra Services
Space planning consultancy: an architect at your disposal to design / organize the positioning spaces of the objects. Evaluate the best solution based on user flows.
Graphic Consultancy: graphic consultancy for the realization of the perfect design.


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