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Desk divider

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Designer desk dividers, ideal for desks and open-plan offices. Made of a cardboard frame and PET screen. Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

Desk dividers

The designer green solution for open-plan spaces

Ideal as protective screens for open-plan spaces, out desk dividers will give you an angular solution, broad and eco-friendly, perfect to protect the health of the workers without taking up too much space in each working station. Made of light-weight recycled corrugated cardboard and PET, our desk dividers are easy to set up and to carry. They are available in two neutral colors to adapt to any professional environment, from the more formal ones to the most creative ones, complementing perfectly any furnishing style without upsetting the original aesthetic of the spaces.

Choose eco-friendly safety

Our desk dividers are made of completely eco-sustainable materials, which offer protection and safety without harming the environment. PET – polyethylene terephthalate – is a synthetic material derived from the manufacturing of oil and methane. It is characterized by its durability and transparency, but also by the fact that it can be recycled countless times without losing its fundamental properties – this is why it is considered one of the finest eco-friendly materials. The recycled corrugated cardboard used for the frames of the screens combines solidity and lightness, and it is thought to guarantee manageability and last in time.

A clever design that respects nature

The design of our Desk Dividers combines practicality, safety, appearance, and eco-sustainability, creating a product that is capable of entirely protecting the working station without resulting invasive. While the angular structure guarantees protection on two sides, the transparence of the large PET panel offers maximum brightness without eliminating sociability, and the thin cardboard self-standing frame ensures structural stability without compromising space.

A solution for every working station, in two neutral colors

Our Desk Dividers measure 150cm in length by 60 cm in height and 75 cm in depth, which makes them ideal for large desks too. Moreover, to guarantee maximum protection for every working station, the desk dividers can also be manufactured in other sizes, on request. The cardboard frame, only 7 cm thick, is available in a natural Havana color or in a sophisticated shade of white, ideal to suit not only more formal environments, but also companies where creativity and inspiration are a fundamental feature of the brand.

Design and safety in the service of people and the environment

Desk dividers protect working stations without upsetting their aesthetic appearance, creating a welcoming, safe and bright environment. Thanks to their ease of installation and to the lightness of the structure, the desk dividers can be relocated according to your needs. You can also pair the desk dividers with other protective items such as our free-standing partitions, seat partitions, and protective screens, so that you can achieve a working environment that can safeguard the health and safety of your employees, without sacrificing the look and decor of the work areas. This is an original and clever solution from the point of view of publicity as well, as it allows you to associate your brand with current and positive concepts such as personal safety and protection, and environmental awareness.


Material: recycled cardboard
Width: 150 cm.
Total height: 60 cm.
Depth: 75cm
Frame border: 7cm
Volume: 0,055 m3
Weight: 5 kg
Colors: Available in White or Havana
Other sizes on request.
Materials: corrugated cardboard + PET screens
PET transparent panels: PET screens allow to have walls that do not reduce the brightness of the spaces and that preserve sociability. 100% recyclable material.


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