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The First Pen with Seeds that you can plant and grow. 100% biodegradable. Customize it, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer.

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Product Description

The Pen With Seeds iGreen®


The first pen with seeds that you can plant and grow

The Pen With Seeds is the first sustainable pen in the world, with seeds that you can plant and grow. It features a special container with non-GMO seeds, which germinate in contact with water. The pen is 100% biodegradable and it is available in a standard or customized version, and it can also come with a recycled paper case on request. Both the eco-friendly pen and the case can be personalized with your company logo.

Unique Creativity

These eco-friendly pens are a likable novelty! You can make them even more unique by customizing them according to your taste. With our help you can give to your Pen with Seeds the features that you want.


Upon request, both the eco-friendly pen and the packaging can be customized with an image, a short message or your logo. The personalization is made by one-color and two-color pad printing, with the possibility of printing on both sides of the pen.


Our bio Pen was created with the aim of promoting respect and care for the environment. It does not contain any of harmful material and its biodegradability is certified. Even its parts in bioplastic (a special biodegradable plastic) dissolve in nature in 1-3 years.

How does it work?

This bio pen has a push mechanism in which a small container with basil, sunflower or daisy seeds is inserted. Write with your pen, and extract the seeds from the small biodegradable capsule located at the top of the pen. Plant the seeds in soil, water them, and they will sprout in the blink of an eye!


Let’s talk about originality: customers is fascinated by innovative ideas. Everyone will admire the uniqueness of the Pen with Seeds and your ecological choice will not go unnoticed. Thanks to the logo, your brand will immediately be associated with the concept of eco sustainability.


What’s better than a pen to promote your business? Everyone always carries one with them. In addition, this is unique and environmentally friendly. If you participate in a fair or event, distribute the pens with personalized seeds for free, you will surely get new customers. If you own an eCommerce, insert a bio pen in the shipments. Build customer loyalty!

Word of mouth

By receiving the bio Pen, your clientele will be positively affected. They will talk about your brand with their family, friends, and acquaintances, thus indirectly offering you valuable advertising.


Do you have a business partner? Ask them to distribute the Pen with Seeds customized with your logo as a gift to customers. You will make yourself known by getting low-cost advertising… and with a low environmental impact! Your partner will also benefit from this: they will impress customers with an original gift, without incurring any cost.


Height: 14 cm.
Width: 0,7 cm.
Weight: 7 gr
Standard Seeds ready for Delivery: Basil
Expiry Date: 18 Months from production
Guarantee of authenticity and quality:
product compliant with ASTM D 5511 standards.
Certifications: Biodegradability Certificate
Structural features:
-Push mechanism
-Recycled paper case
-Special seeds container inside the pusher
-All plastic parts are made of bioplastic which dissolves in Nature in 1-3 years
Ink Color Available: Blue
Shipping Box 500pcs: Weight 3 Kg


Minimum Quantity: 500pz.
Delivery time:10-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Customization Types: one-color and two-color pad printing on the gadget surface. Possibility of printing on both sides of the pen.
Case customization: : pen case with personalized graphics, with Italian or English instructions [100% recycled paper].
Measures for pen customization: 65mm in length or 42mm with 30mm – 0.5cm in height.
Measures for case customization: 11cm x 3cm.
Available Seeds: Basil, Sunflower, Daisy.
Note: the customer shall provide the graphics in high quality, in a .pdf or .ai format

Useful File .pdf:


Added Services
Assembling: assembly of each pen in an individual case
Graphic consultation: graphic consultation for the realization of the perfect personalization, both for the pencil and for the individual packaging containing the pencil.


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We are iGreen Gadgets S.r.l, born in Northern Italy, in Turin in via San Secondo, 92 [Turin] – VAT no. 12370060019
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3 reviews for Pen with seeds iGreen ®

  1. Sergio

    Very nice and interesting idea. S.

  2. Matteo

    great idea. Matteo

  3. Asia

    I had been looking for an entirely eco-sustainable pen for a long time! The customization was in line with expectations, and I must say, the support from the iGreen Team was precise and punctual.
    Also I planted the seeds and the first shoots are starting to grow!!
    Thanks! Super satisfied!

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