Flowers In a Can Favors

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More than 50 types of flowers and plants to choose from. Personalize Your Favorite Flower. Customize it, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer.

Basic Customization – from 72 pcs.
a Piece
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Product Description

Flowers In a Can Favors

Unique Floral Favors. Over 50 types of flowers and plants to choose from

Favors Flowers In a Can are the perfect gift for Weddings, Christenings, Communions and Confirmations. A fragment of nature that symbolizes the growth of love or celebrates the blossoming of a new life. After opening the cans, water and light awaken the seeds and in a short time seeds and bulbs start to grow. To make the Microgiarden Favors blossom, you don’t need a green thumb: just uncork them and follow the simple instructions included.

Unique Creativity

A unique and innovative gift, the Favors Microgiardens will surprise your guests. Personalize them to your liking, recalling the theme of Marriage, Baptism, Communion or Confirmation. We are available to create the customization you want.


Our Favors Flowers In a Can, they can be customized with any image and text. The background color is also customizable as the customization takes place on the entire surface of the can.

Green Choice

Today, young couples are always more environmentally aware and opt for “green” solutions. These Floral Favors are an ecological and eco-friendly gift. And their tin packaging is entirely recyclable.

Do Microgiarden Favors really blossom?

Of course! They blossom for real! The soil in the can, rich in nourishment, contains seeds or bulbs, depending on the chosen flower or plant. After opening, simply expose the Favors Flowers in a Can to natural light and water them.

Recommendations for use

After opening the can, place the Microgiarden Favor in a bright place and water it according to the instructions. As soon as the seedling has grown, it can be transferred on a pot ora in in the garden, or you can simply wait for the flowering.

Pansy, Sunflower, Geranium or Chili Pepper?

Pansy is the flower of lovers, Sunflower gives joy and is a symbol of love, geranium represents stability… If you are superstitious, you can also opt for chilli pepper, which wards off bad luck. Choose among all the different flowers and plants available.

Surprise your guests

To amaze you don’t need expensive Favors, but an original idea! With Floral Favors is impossible to make mistakes: unique, eco-friendly, customized. They symbolize the happiness of a family that is about to be born or that welcomes an happy event. Share with your guests the joy of this wonderful moment! Give them the Favor Flowers in a Can.


Height: 9.1 cm
Diameter: 6.8 cm
Weight: 134-138 gr. It varies based on the type of soil used.
Expiry Date: 18 Months from production.
Box: shipped in boxed of 36 pcs. Box Dimension: 33x40x15 cm.



Minimum Quantity: 72 pcs.
Timing: 7-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Type of Customizations: PVC Adhesive – Printing directly on the can
Note: the customer must provide the graphics in high quality, .pdf or .ai format.
Useful File .pdf:


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We are the Agricola Arnoldi. We produce this item in our headquarters in Capriate San Gervasio (BG). Get your quote in less than 24 hours!


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  1. Silvia

    Beautiful floral favors!

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    Really beautiful, thanks!

  3. Lucia

    They came out really nicely!

  4. Stefania

    Very lovely!

  5. Marco

    Really beautiful!

  6. Federica

    They came out perfect! Thanks Federica

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