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Make your iPhone case Bloom (After Use) – iGreen Cover®

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The World’s First & Only iPhone Case that you can Plant after use from which you can see flowers and plants grow. Patented and Manufactured in Italy. Get your best quote from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Make your iPhone case Bloom (After Use) – iGreen Cover®

Made of fully compostable material, certified, patented & 100% Made in Italy (Global Patent Pending: application n. PCT/IB2023/058667). The material from which it is made contains seeds, and once placed in the soil it will decompose releasing the seeds inside. The Plantable Cover is available in 3 colors (green, light blue and yellow). Each color corresponds to a different seed, green to “basil,” light blue to “forget-me-nots,” and yellow to “daisy.” iGreen Cover® allows for a unique post-consumer experience, being able to literally bring the cover to life once it is finished being used. Less Plastic more life.

The Mission

The iGreen Seeded Cover, Created to raise consumer and company awareness of the environmental impact of the production and use of non-recoverable plastic Covers. In fact, few people know that more than 20,000 tons of non-recoverable plastic are introduced into the market every year for the production of Smartphone Covers alone.

How many Plastic Covers are produced on an Annual Basis?

A problem, that of plastic Covers, which has determined a high impact from an environmental point of view. In fact, it is estimated that about 1 billion Covers are sold each year worldwide. Almost all plastic Covers contain about 20 grams of non-recyclable plastic. This generates more than 20 thousand tons of plastic each year just to create Smartphone Covers. Plastic that takes an average of 500 years to decompose.

How many of the Plastic Covers can actually be recovered?

The vast majority of phone cases are made from various types of plastics, which are then mixed together, meaning that they cannot be effectively recycled or reused. For example, some parts of the covers are soft on the side of the case, other parts are more firm on the back of the phone and there is often fleece or felt film on the inside. These are called mixed material fractions and are a recycling nightmare. Currently, there are unfortunately only two ways to dispose of the vast majority of plastic covers on the market: take them to a landfill or burn them. In both cases, the covers are not recycled.

The Unique Material of iGreen Cover®

iGreen Cover® is the result of two years of materials research and development.
The resulting material is unique, both in its ability to provide the strength and flexibility needed to be able to best protect mobile devices, and because it provides true compostability of the material once it’s soil and moist.

The iGreen Cover material is based on corn starch, an organic compound that allows the seeds present in the cover to be nourished as they are absorbed into the soil, once planted.

The very presence of seeds, living elements within the material, provides iGreen Cover® with unique compostability. Absorption of the material occurs much faster, as the small roots of the flowers and plants growing out of the cover feed on the cornstarch in the material, helping it dissolve.

The material of iGreen Cover® is 100% Natural and the same powders that are used for the colors, which account for only 0.2% of the material, are naturally based.

iGreen Cover® Available for iPhone 13Pro, 14Pro and 15Pro in 3 different colors:

1.1 Green: with Basil seeds
1.2 Yellow: with Daisy seeds

1.3 Light Blue: with Forget-me-nots seeds

But how long do the Seeds inside the Cover take to sprout?

Few days! In fact, the release of the seeds once planted on the ground at an angle of 30° will be immediate. On the inside of the cover there is a drawer containing seeds, protected by a special film which, in addition to protecting the surface of your iPhone, will dissolve once placed on the ground and wet, allowing the seeds to be released immediately. You will live a unique experience by carrying the seeds with you throughout the life of the cover, seeds that will be protected by the cover and your iPhone and then give life to flowers and plants.

The Italian Patent of iGreen Cover®

iGreen Cover® is a certified, patented and 100% Made in Italy product. Its patented Seed Release System allows you to see flowers and plants grow after only a few days after the cover is placed in the ground.
Also patented is the presence of live seeds within the material itself, seeds that are released as the material decomposes, a cornstarch-based material that as it decomposes will nourish the seedlings.

(Global Patent Pending: application n. PCT/IB2023/058667)

iGreen Cover® instructions for use

1. 1. Once the life of the cover protecting your iPhone is over, remove it and get a vase.

2. Plant iGreen Cover® at a 30-degree angle making sure that the inside of the cover is exposed to the top.

3. Add water, sunshine and love.

4. Wait a few weeks and watch your Cover Bloom!

iGreen Cover legno-Basilico

iGreen Cover legno-Margherita

iGreen Cover legno-Non ti scordar di me


How Long Does the Seed Cover Last?

The cover has been designed to last, so it won’t start to decompose or change in structure until it is planted. You can use it just as you have used your plastic covers until now.

Will Water Ruin the Cover?

Absolutely not, the cover will not start to decompose until it is placed in a pot in contact with the soil. Water alone will not affect the material at all. In fact, the external part can be washed with a damp cloth in case it gets dirty 🙂

Does it interfere with Wireless charging?

No, our numerous tests have shown that iGreen Cover does not interfere in any way with the Wireless charging process; the devices function properly both as an accessory and in the car.


The material of iGreen Cover® is the result of two years of research and development.
The obtained material is indeed unique, both in its ability to ensure the strength and flexibility needed to provide optimal protection for mobile devices and because it guarantees true material compostability once placed in the ground and moistened.

Its composition based on corn starch allows it to nourish the seeds within the cover as the material is absorbed by the soil. The presence of seeds, living elements within the material, ensures iGreen Cover® has unique compostability. The material is absorbed much more quickly, as the small roots of the flowers and plants that grow from the cover feed on the corn starch in the material, aiding in its dissolution.

The material of iGreen Cover® is 100% natural, and the powders used for the colors, representing only 0.2% of the material, are natural-based.

iGreen Cover is a patented product and 100% Made in Italy (Global Patent Pending: application no. PCT/IB2023/058667).
The material used for production is certified home compostable, meaning it is suitable for disposal in home compost. Additionally, thanks to tests conducted throughout the manufacturing process, we can guarantee the total compostability of the product once placed in the ground and moistened.
iGreen cover - planting

We use organic seeds for our covers. Organic seeds are born without chemicals and absolutely exclude the presence of genetically modified organisms. Organic seeds are cultivated with zero environmental impact techniques and are highly eco-friendly.

Useful .pdf Links:

iGreen Cover – Presentation


From 100 Units -> Personalization Pack in Full Custom Front/Back

From 500 Units -> Personalization Pack in Full Custom Front/Back + Logo Impression on the Body of the Cover


We are iGreen Gadgets S.r.l, born in Turin, with legal headquarters at Via San Secondo, 92 – Turin VAT ID 12370060019.

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6 reviews for Make your iPhone case Bloom (After Use) – iGreen Cover®

  1. David

    Nice, solid and comfortable phone case. It fits perfectly my iPhone 14 Pro. Can’t wait to watch it grow. Recommended

  2. Jerome B.

    Delivered on time. Product was just as descripted.

  3. Stephan

    Nice Idea 👍🏻

  4. Catherina

    Nice Case, the idea is super, thanks for bringing this to life

  5. Christian A.

    nice touch and feel, looks good, It protects well the phone

  6. Lucie

    Nice idea and high quality product

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