Sprout® Pencil

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Sprout® pencil is the first pencil that you can plant and grow, and it is 100% biodegradable. Customize it, get your best quote in less than 24 hours.

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Product Description

Sprout® Pencil

The first pencil that you can plant and grow!

Sprout® pencil is the first pencil that you can plant and grow, and it is 100% biodegradable. Made of birch wood, at the top of the pencil there is a biodegradable capsule containing non-GMO seeds, which germinate in contact with water. Growing the Sprout® Pencil is super easy. When the pencil becomes too short to be used, plant it in a pot and assure it gets plenty of water and light. In a few weeks, the first seedlings will sprout! How_To_Plant_Your_Pencil

Unique Creativity

Plantable pencils are something unique and innovative. You can customize them according to your taste and we will help you to create the perfect customization.


Upon request, any message or logo can be engraved on the customizable Sprout® Pencils. Personalization is made by laser engraving or pad printing on the pencil surface.


Sprout® pencils show attention towards the environment and love for nature; flowers and herbs can be grown anywhere. They are biodegradable and do not contain toxic materials: the pencil lead is made of graphite and clay and the exterior is in wood.

Does it really sprout?

Yes. The capsule on top of the pencil contains flower or herb seeds. Depending on the seed variety chosen, it might take days or weeks to sprout. In any case, just remember to water it!

Recommendations for use

The capsule that contains the seeds is biodegradable: while using the pencil, remember not to damage it. When the pencil becomes too short to use, plant the pencil in good potting soil and bury the capsule with the seeds. Expose it to natural light and water regularly.

Perfect Eco Gadget

Sprout® Pencil is the perfect eco-friendly gadget to impress your customers. Everyone will admire its originality and notice your attention towards ecology and the environment. Customers love to receive original gifts!

Distribute it in the shop

Do you own a retail shop, supermarket or shopping center? Distribute Sprout® Pencils to your customers with the Plantable Pencil Counter Display! In addition to the initial surprise, you will get repeated purchases and build customer loyalty. Imagine a customer who finds the Sprout® Pencil at the checkout till. They will be amazed and all their family will want one too. This means that they will soon come back to your shop!

Include Sprout Pencil in Orders

Do you manage an e-commerce? For each order, include some plantable pencils in the shipping packages! You will offer your customers an incredible unboxing experience. In addition to the product ordered, each customer will find a welcome surprise – a Sprout® Pencil. And for their next order they will not hesitate to choose you again!


Height: 19 cm.
Width: 0,8 cm.
Weight: 5 gr.
Expiry Date: 18 months from production.
Guarantee of authenticity and quality: product compliant with CE regulations.
Certifications: Sprout_Certificate_PEFC_FSC.pdf ; Security_Certificate_sprout_EN71-3.pdf
Shipping Box 500pcs: Weight 2,5 Kg
Available Seeds: Carnation | Sunflower | Daisy | Forget Me Not | Cherry Tomatoe | Sage| Tyme.
For orders over 25,000 units it is possible to choose your own type of seed, thus choosing the best type of flower / plant based on the individual communication campaign.
Available colors in addition to graphite:
Color pencils are associated with a specific plant / flower, here are the colors available:
Green (Basil)
Yellow (Daisy)
Orange (Sage)
Blue (Forget Me Not)
Brown (Coriander)
Pink (Tyme)
Red (Carnation)