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Product Description

USB Wooden Card

Customizable wooden USB cards. The USB flash drives made of wood and bamboo!

This USB Wooden Card is an eco-friendly USB stick. Small in size, but with up to 64GB storage, it is available in light-colored or dark wood, or in bamboo. It is the ultimate tool to associate your public image with nature, sharing an eco-friendly message about the protection and preservation of the environment.

Unique Creativity

Our USB Wooden Cards are unique and innovative, the perfect balance between nature and technology. You can also customize them according to the needs of your brand! Create your customization graphic and we will be more than happy to help you achieve the perfect design.


Our USB Wooden Cards can be customized with any message and logo. Personalize them to your likings adding, for example, your business logo. The customization is carried out with direct four-color printing on the surface of the eco-gadget.

Wood or bamboo

In real wood or bamboo, these eco-friendly gadgets are ideal if you want to give the idea of eco-sustainable development. You can choose your USB Wooden Cards among three available versions: dark wood, light-colored wood, and bamboo.

New idea

The USB Wooden Card is surely a novelty among eco-friendly gadgets. Eco-compatible and perfect to save data, original and creative, it will surely catch everyone’s attention and it will be welcomed by who receives it.


USB Wooden Cards are suitable for a universal target, regardless of age and gender. Their 100% natural material, their originality, and their practicality will be appreciated by everybody. Nowadays, everybody needs a support to save and store files and data, both at home and in professional settings.

Fairs, events, and meetings

Distribute these eco-gadgets at fairs, events and meetings to promote and extend your brand awareness. This USB Wooden Card can represent businesses belonging to any industry sector, showing attentiveness towards innovation and environmental issues.

Free gift

Give these Wooden USB Cards away at events or during special occasions such as grand openings, anniversaries, festivities etc. With such a gift, you will surely impress your customers and increase their loyalty, while celebrating with them.

A present for employees

Acknowledging and rewarding your employees’ efforts enhances their productivity. During festivities or for a business success, reward your employees presenting them with a customizable USB Wooden Card.

In your shipments

Impress your online customers and let them have an extraordinary unboxing experience, by adding a USB Wooden Card with your logo inside every order. Incredibly light in weight and exquisite, it will make every customer feel special.


This USB Wooden Card is really high-quality, and you will be able to choose its storage capacity. Choose this USB Wooden Card as green gadget and associate your brand with eco-sustainability and environmental protection.


Focus on convenience! This USB Wooden Card is perfect for copying, transferring and saving data. It is very small and can easily fit in a wallet, in a pocket or in a folder; you will never lose it or forget it at home!
Spread knowledge of your brand while demonstrating your attention towards nature and innovation, with eco-friendly gadgets like our USB Wooden Card!


Measures: 90x54x5mm
Weight: 15g.
Material: wood/bamboo
Available storage capacity: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB
Memory type:DDR3 SDRAM
Chip Brand: Sandisk&Toshiba
Write Speed: 3.5-10MB/s
Read Speed: 8-15MB/s
Interface: USB2.0
Voltage: 5V


Minimum quantity: 300pz
Delivery time: : 15-20 days according to the quantity of the order
Customization type: direct four-color printing
Customization notes: the client shall provide us with the desired customization graphic or logo in high quality, we will take care of the rendering, free of charge


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Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!



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