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Seat partitions


Seat partitions for waiting rooms, free-standing thanks to the support at the base, and composed of a cardboard frame and a PET screen. Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

Seat partitions

Eco-friendly partitions for waiting rooms: protect the nature with style and safety

Free-standing seat partitions for waiting rooms, easy to install and to move to provide maximum safety for waiting customers and patients. Being transparent, they do not affect the brightness of the spaces nor social relations, and they also respect the environment. You will have this and much more with our seat partitions for waiting rooms, made of cardboard and PET, and available in different colors and patterns to best fit any type of interior, from the most traditional practices to spaces that are characterized by creativity and originality.

A practical and eco-friendly solution to protect people’s health

Our seat dividers for waiting rooms are exclusively designed to guarantee compliance with the highest standards while protecting the environment. The 100% recycled corrugated cardboard combines both lightness in weight and solidity, and it is used to achieve robust and long-lasting final products. PET, polyethylene terephthalate, is considered one of the most refined and eco-sustainable materials. Robust, safe and transparent, it is an ideal alternative to plexiglass, and, thanks to its high safety standards, it is also used by the food and the cosmetics industry. Moreover, it can be recycled over and over without losing its fundamental characteristics.

Choose among different sizes and designs

Seat partitions for waiting rooms are available not only in a standard format measuring 80 cm in width and 150 cm in height, but they can also be manufactured in other formats on request. This way, you can order perfectly sized seat partitions that will fit waiting rooms of any shape and size. The attention to detail for these eco-friendly seat dividers can also be seen in the availability of two different colors and two different design patterns. The cardboard frame is available in a natural and elegant Havana color, or in a neutral white color; on request, the panel can be plain, for maximum brightness, or decorated with a geometrical pattern, ideal for the most sophisticated locations.

Safety with style and eco-sustainability

Seat partitions for waiting rooms combine attention for the health of customers and patients with exclusive design. They are bright, easy to move and practical to assembly, and they are an effective tool to offer safety while enhancing the elegance and style of the spaces. The seat partitions can also be combined with our free-standing partitions, to furnish every working space with balance and harmony. Moreover, the seat partitions for waiting rooms are light in weight but extremely stable, thanks to the 60 cm wide supporting base.

Many ideas in just one eco-object

You don’t have to give up on style to offer maximum safety and protection to your customers and patients: with our eco-friendly seat partitions for waiting rooms you can create a safe environment while also making it become an eye-pleasing and welcoming space. Thanks to the modern design, and to the two sophisticated and neutral colors available, our seat partitions for waiting rooms can be adapted perfectly to every furnishing style, achieving a balanced and bright combination. All of this with a product that is easy to assemble and practical to move, absolutely eco-friendly, and that will help you associate your image to a positive concept such as eco-sustainability.


width: 80 cm
total height: 150 cm
base support width: 60 cm

Other sizes on request.

Colors: Available in White or Havana
Materials: corrugated cardboard + PET screens
Corrugated cardboard: recycled corrugated cardboard, used to create durable elements that are at the same time light in weight and easy to carry.
PET transparent panels: PET screens allow to have walls that do not reduce the brightness of the spaces and that preserve sociability. 100% recyclable material.


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