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Ovetto Bin

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Bin with a unique design for the separate waste collection. Creativity in its purest form. Buy it in a neutral or in a cutomized form and get your best quote directly from producer in less than 24 hours!

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Product Description

Ovetto Bin for Separate Waste Collection

Bin with a unique design for separate waste collection

Our Ovetto bin is a must have for any modern office. It pivots on its base and can be customized in a variety of colors. It comes with an integrated bottle crusher on the top part. This is creativity in its purest form.
Implementing a vibrant and cool object such as the Ovetto bin in your office will improve the waste collection. The separate waste collection will no longer be a chore, but a fun and enjoyable activity!

Recycled Materials

This separate waste collection bin is an Eco Object with unique characteristics. Entirely made in Italy, it is made of polypropylene and ABS plastic material derived from industrial waste.

Separate waste collection made easy

Consisting of three compartments each measuring 17 liters in volume, it involves the use of 25/30 lt bin liners. Separating different types of waste is so easy with this bin. The practical bottle crusher helps optimizing space. The Ovetto Bin pivots on its base to enable use from every angle.

Ideal for a modern environment

The most successful businesses nowadays have futuristic and colorful offices. Practical objects are turned into amazing and creative design elements. Our Ovetto Bin does not look like an ordinary trash bin at all, with its shape reminds rather of a kitchen appliance.

Modern Design

The modern and elegant design of our Ovetto Bin for separate waste collection is ideal for an optimal waste management in the office. Traditional separate waste collection bins are unaesthetic, but our Ovetto, with its eye-catching style, is a true and proper furnishing accessory.


Businesses can customize the Bin to suit their offices and public spaces. It can be customized with your brand colors or with logos and advertising messages on the base or on the shutters.

No more untidy offices, with Ovetto

Our Ovetto Bin is a state-of-the-art container for the management of separate waste collection in the office. Its practical and eye-catching design promotes tidiness and cleanliness, and it encourages following the rules for separate waste collection, making it easy and fun.


Material: ABS plastic (40% to 70% from recycled materials)
Capacity: 3 compartments, 17 liters each
Measures: 45 cm in diameter x 84 cm in height
Weight: 8 kg
Colors: white, black, green, yellow, light blue
Dimensions of the shipping-units: Shipped in a box containing 1 unit and measuring 47,5×47,5×90 cm


The Ovetto Bin can be customized choosing any color and advertising message, both through pad printing and with adhesive film. The customization is carried out on a minimum of 5 units when using adhesive film, and on a minimum of 50 units when using pad printing.
For smaller orders the customization can be carried out with glossy pvc adhesive film on the base of the object or on its shutters.

Max. measures adhesive film for the base: 6×20 cm.
Max measures adhesive film for the shutters: 7×24 cm.

This is how Coca Cola decided to customize their Ovetto Bin for the separate waste collection.


Additional services
Space Design Consultancy: an architect will help you design/organize the most convenient location for your objects, as well as estimate the best solutions based on the flow of users.
Graphic Design Consultancy: consultancy for the achievement of the perfect customization.


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We are the Soldi Design Srl, based in Via di Pratignone n.50, Calenzano (FI), Italy – P.IVA & CF. 06301700487.

Get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!


6 reviews for Ovetto Bin

  1. Andrea

    Ideal for my office

  2. Lucia


  3. Luca

    Nice product, thanks.

  4. Lucio

    Object with a unique design, thank you

  5. Marzia

    I ordered this ovetto for the separate collection so we could recycle as much as possible in the office too and, at the same time, have a furnishing item with a pleasant design… I was not disappointed! The ovetto is entirely made of polypropylene and ABS plastic material from industrial waste, and it can also pivot on itself to be used from every side. I just had to complete it with three bin liners to separate the waste, and thanks to the integrated bottle crusher disposing of plastic bottles is even easier. I highly recommend it!

  6. Steve

    nice object, we have placed the white version in our offices

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