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Wooden Bee Hotel


Wooden Bee Hotel – Cultivate biodiversity in your garden! Get your best quote in less than 24 hours directly from the manufacturer. Made in Holland.

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Product Description

Wooden Bee Hotel

A Cozy Shelter for Bees and Other Pollinators

The Bee Hotel is a small multi-story wooden structure designed to provide shelter and protection for various species of beneficial insects for your garden or vegetable patch. With this insect house, you can host bees, butterflies, and ladybugs, fostering an environment where biodiversity can thrive. This Wooden Bee Hotel contains materials suitable for the nesting of different animal species. Plus, it is designed to provide shelter during the winter season.
The house accommodates insects that play a fundamental role in the ecosystem, both as pollinators and natural predators. It also offers a favorable environment for reproduction, thus preserving biodiversity and reducing the risk of species extinction.

Bringing Young People Closer to Nature

This Bee Hotel allows for close observation of various animal species, enabling the study of their behaviors and bringing younger generations closer to concepts like biodiversity and nature. It is a fun and educational tool that can promote social interaction and curiosity about the environment. It also serves a practical function by hosting insects like beetles or ladybugs, which act as natural pesticides and protect crops. The inhabitants of this wooden house can also be used as biological indicators to assess the health of the surrounding environment. Based on their behavior, it is possible to monitor the environment in which they live, particularly concerning the presence of pollutants.

Instructions and Placement of the Wooden Bee Hotel

The Bee Hotel requires some care to function correctly. Place it outdoors, about a couple of meters from the ground, sheltered from rain and artificial light sources. It is important to ensure that the house is located near vegetation to encourage the activities of the welcomed guests. Avoid obstacles that might block or make access to the house difficult. Make sure to keep it free from branches, leaves, etc. If possible, avoid direct exposure to the North and South. Instead, prefer an orientation to the East, Southeast, Southwest, West.
This insect house is active all year round and can be installed in any season. However, it is preferable to place it at the end of winter to encourage the arrival of insects already in spring. Periodically check the presence of the internal tubes and replenish the house if necessary. The Bee Hotel also requires attention to any potential damage or alterations to the wood. If needed, make sure to use non-toxic and chemical-free products.

Protect Biodiversity

The Wooden Bee Hotel promotes the formation of a food web resulting from the interaction of various organisms within an ecosystem. An insect that settles in the insect house and feeds on a particular species can simultaneously be prey to other insects. In this context, the ecosystem enriches and thrives, ensuring species biodiversity. This insect house actively contributes to the conservation of bees and the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle. Invest in the future of our planet with the Bee Hotel and enjoy the beauty of a garden full of life.

Bee Hotel large frontHotel large side
Hotel grande retroWooden Bee Hotel on tree
Hotel small frontHotel small retro


Size: Large Bee Hotel: 39.5x28x8.5 cm, Small Bee Hotel: 13x15x6 cm
Weight: Large Bee Hotel: 1.5 kg, Small Bee Hotel: 1 kg
Available Varieties: Large Bee Hotel, Small Bee Hotel


Minimum Quantity: 30 pcs.
Delivery time: 10-14 days, based on the quantities requested.
Customizations Type: Laser Engraving
Note: The customer shall provide high quality artworks in .pdf format


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