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Seed bags Bookmark customizable with any image, logo, message, front & back. Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

F/R customization -> minimum quantity 2500 pcs
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Product Description

Seed Bags Bookmark


Plant a seed, choose a book with seed bag Bookmark!

Seed bags that are also a bookmark. What? That’s right. Bookmarks made from a special paper that represents the very latest in eco-sustainability and circular economy, plus a small seed bag for a dual experience. On the one hand, the chance to enrich one’s reading experience with a memory under the banner of love for nature and on the other hand, the chance to grow a seedling. Of course, leaving a mark in potential customers and business partners with a gadget that represents a positive message and offers interesting food for thought on the reuse of waste materials.

FSC and tomato fiber

Considered a major innovation in the pulp industry, the paper material made with FSC and tomato fiber truly represents the cutting edge in the field of circular economy. The processing of plant fiber, which until now has constituted production waste, now makes it possible to obtain a material with high strength that goes to reinforce traditional paper, giving rise to a unique product with truly amazing characteristics.

Environmentally sustainable, certainly, but also extremely durable and, for this reason, ideal for lending itself to numerous uses. In particular, not only decorative objects, but also packaging that requires a high-performance, durable and strong material, going into an industry hitherto dominated by recyclable cardboard and, unfortunately, still too often by plastic.

A green concept to make a mark

Seed bags bookmarks as well as the eko bookmarks are proposed as one of iGreen’s newest gadgets, destined for sure success thanks to the combination of originality in design and practicality of use that has always distinguished sustainable gadgets. Simply remove the sachet located at the bottom of the bookmark and plant the seeds in the potting soil-you can choose from colorful geraniums and sunflowers, chili peppers, and even elegant violets-to see a seedling sprout in a short time.

The seeds have a shelf life of 24 months, making the gadget perfect for setting up communication campaigns to be planned in advance. All-round practicality and a brilliant idea that will not fail to make an impression thanks to its highly creative nature, further enhanced by the customization options offered by iGreen Gadgets.

Logos, messages and more with iGreen personalization

Thanks in part to the high strength of tomato fiber paper, seed bags bookmark envelopes offer numerous customization options, thus lending themselves to many different uses. A four-color double-sided printing, featuring high-definition colors and graphics, will make the bookmark unique with the possibility of imprinting on it from corporate colors to the logo of your brand, but also significant dates, a motto related to a particular event, a claim or simply instructions for growing your own seedling.

The bookmark has always been one of the venues of choice for leaving incisive messages and imprinting long texts that you want to remember and share, and iGreen’s seed bookmark is therefore ideal for carrying out many brilliant ideas that will make each communication campaign unique by associating your message with a novel solution and a positive and highly relevant concept such as sustainability.

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