Seed Bags Postcards


Seed bags in postcards customizable with any image, logo, message, front & back. Personalize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

Front/Back Customization – > from 2000 pcs
a Piece
Prices plus delivery cost.
Delivery time: 15 - 20 days

Product Description

Seed Bags Postcards

Seed Bags postcards: flowers and plants to send and plant!

Why send only a greeting when you can send a lasting memory? Why limit yourself to promotional postcards when you can leave your mark with a postcard that can become a vase of colorful flowers or herbs? With the seed bags in postcards today you can! A free gift for customers and business partners, an original idea to send invitations to your events or even a small gadget to accompany a communication campaign making it more effective. All in the innovative FSC-based paper or tomato fiber and of course with the endless customization possibilities offered by iGreen Gadgets!

The postcard that plants and grows

After the great success of the plantable postcards made with the special plantable paper, here again is an alternative and original product. Designed to combine an impactful design with a positive concept such as raising awareness of environmental issues, the seed bag in postcard present themselves as a useful, fun and impressive object. A large printable surface into which you will be able to insert all kinds of messages. A product of yesteryear but precisely for this reason as popular as the postcard and a handy seed bag to have fun setting up a small garden at home or in the office.

Plenty of wildflowers and herbs to choose from

One of the most striking features of the seed bag in postcards is the exceptional variety of seeds available. Placed in a special heat-sealed bag that guarantees its integrity for as many as 24 months, making them ideal even for events that require advance planning, they offer a virtually inexhaustible list of plants and flowers. They range from basil to cucumber, but also beets, parsley and chili peppers. And what about spinach or poppy? A truly amazing selection, and what’s more, of immediate impact, considering that each seed takes no more than 25 days to germinate.

FSC and tomato fiber: eco-sustainability to ship!

seed bags in postcards are made from both FSC and a special paper material that combines FSC paper and tomato fiber. The latter, in particular, comes from processing vegetable fibers that have hitherto been considered a waste product of the food industry. One more step toward sustainability and a perfect example of how the circular economy can incorporate creativity and aesthetics into its production cycles.
And it doesn’t end there, because postcards can be stamped and mailed like traditional postcards. In short, if once upon a time the postcard was a pleasant surprise to receive, today it will be even more so, because it will contain within it a double memory!

Customize seed bags in postcards with printing from iGreen Gadgets!

iGreen Gadgets offers all its customers an exclusive customization service with high-definition four-color printing. You can decorate the postcard with patterns, creative messages, your own corporate colors, logos, dates and anything else you need. An ideal service for creating coordinated communication campaigns, matching the postcards and the choice of seeds to the color scheme of your campaign and associating your brand with a positive and topical concept such as environmental protection.

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Available Sizes:
– 101.6×152.5 mm
Paper: Heat-sealed FSC paper with glossy effect & Tomato Fiber integrated with heat-sealed FSC paper.
Weight: 5 gms.
Expiration: 24 Months from production.
Box: shipped in box of 500pcs -> Box size: 40x30x20 cm.


Minimum Quantity: 2000pcs
Timing: 15-20 days, based on quantities required.
Personalization Type: four-color printing
Available sizes:
– 101.6×150 mm
Notes: Customer must provide graphics for customization in .pdf format
Useful .pdf files
101.6×152.5 mm – Envelopes in seeds large



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