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A minuscule cactus plant that lives and grows in a small capsule made of recycled material. Customize it, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours!

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Product Description

Micro Nature, the mini cactus to always carry with you!

Micro Nature is the eco-gadget that you can always carry with you. A living Mini Cactus, which will grow in a tiny capsule, fully customizable with logos and messages. A way of always being in touch with nature, but also of impressing your friends with eco-friendly gadgets that really require very little care.

Innovation in eco-friendly gadgets

Micro Nature comes from the need to always be in touch with nature, in order to counterbalance the stress of modern-day life. This is why the tiny capsule has been developed in a size that allows the cactus to grow comfortably, while being easy to carry. Watering the cactus once a month is sufficient for its correct maintenance.

A capsule for many different uses

Micro Nature is realized with a capsule that can be destined to many different uses. Given its small size you can use it as key chain, as accessory for your smartphone or for the rearview mirror in your car. The Mini Cactus comes with all the necessary, including a small hook and a thin string. However, the hook can be removed and you can use the capsule as ornament in your home or your office. Or you can have fun and create vertical green areas and corners by tying capsules together.

Maximum customization range

Micro Nature capsules are fully customizable. This means that a romantic or playful message can be printed on them to complement a gift, or you can have your company logo printed on it, and provide your customers and clients with eco-friendly gadgets. We will be more than happy to help you achieve your perfect customization. Of course, you can also decide to purchase the standard version to be able to perfectly see your plant growing.

Easy to use

Micro Cactus requires little to no care at all. It is a very small succulent plant, so the quantity of water it needs is really minimal. Watering it with a few drops of water once a month will be enough to maintain optimal hydration levels.

Eco-friendly packaging

Thanks to the packaging, realized with the greatest care for the materials and design, and – of course – in eco-sustainable materials, you will surely impress your friends. A modern packaging, together with an absolutely innovative idea, will really make your gift be hard to forget!

A push for your business

If you have a commercial activity, these eco-friendly Micro Cactus are incredibly useful to give your sales an extra kick. This is because our Micro Nature capsules are a particularly eye-pleasing and innovative idea. And this is not all, they are also a sign of environmental awareness. All these features will positively impress anyone who receives them, and your image return is guaranteed.

A gift for customers and commercial partners

Mini Cactus are a great advertising tool. Just print the logo of your company on the capsule, maybe accompanied by a meaningful phrase or message. If you manage an e-Commerce activity you can include these in your shipments, or give them away in your physical retail space. Always have spares on hand, so you can give them away to your commercial partners. A small present is always welcome, and this delightful, green, and modern gift will be even more so!
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Height: 40 mm
Diameter: 17 mm
Weight: 45 – 48 gr.
Best Before: containing a living plant, it should not be left in dark places and it should be watered once a month
Box: shipped in boxes containing 30 units – measures of the box: 30x20x10 cm


Minimum quantity: 140 pz
Delivery time: 7-14 days according to the quantity of the order
Customization type: monochrome / two-tone pad printing

Customization notes: the client shall provide us with the desired customization graphic in a .pdf or .ai format

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We are the Agricola Arnoldi. We produce this item in our headquarters in Capriate San Gervasio (BG). Get your quote in less than 24 hours!


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