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Product Description

Mozzichino | Counter Display

Mozzichino: the portable mini ashtray that respects the environment!

A portable mini ashtray with an integrated system to put out cigarettes, that helps to avoid pollution and avoid wild fires. We are talking about Mozzichino, a product thought for those who still haven’t managed to give up smoking, but who still want to be environmentally responsible. With the Mozzichino Counter Display you will be able to put these mini ashtrays on display on your counter, or in any other location of your retail space.

Save woods and beaches with Mozzichino

The biodegradation process of a cigarette filter can take up to twelve years to be completed, which means that a cigarette butt left on a lawn or on a beach will pollute the environment for a very long time. And there is more: cigarettes that are not properly put out are among the main causes of wild fires in the woods, and the cigarettes filters cause choking and suffocation in those animals that accidentally swallow them. A small oversight can cause really big damage to the environment, this is why we should always keep the environment clean and correctly dispose not only of cigarette butts, but of other small litter as well, such as chewing gums and plastic packaging.

The mini ashtray that even non-smokers will love

From daytrips in the countryside to mornings on the public beaches, and from walks through quaint little burgs to picnics in city parks; there are so many occasions in which smokers are unsure about how to dispose of their cigarette filters once they are done smoking. This is why always having a portable ashtray is so useful. This product is also ideal for non-smokers, who will be able to use it to store small litter and then dispose of it in their recycling station once arrived home.

Smart, handy and green: avoiding pollution has never been easier!

The Mozzichino portable mini ashtray has been designed to offer the maximum comfort in a minimum space: it measures only 5.5 × 5.7 × 2.4 cm and weighs only 14 gr. It comes with an integrated system to put out cigarette butts to prevent fires, and the handy outside clasp means you can fasten the Mozzichino to your pants or to your bathing suit, keeping it handy at all times. The Mozzichino ashtray is air-tight, so its contents will never spill out and unpleasant odors will never bother you. Feel free to safely carry the Mozzichino in your bag or in your pocket, the smell of put-out cigarettes won’t stick to your clothes and accessories.

Choose the Mozzichino Counter Display for your retail space

To offer the Mozzichino portable mini ashtray to your clients, you can now use the Mozzichino Counter Display; with it, you will be able to display the portable ashtrays on the counter or on the shelves of your shop. The Mozzichino Counter Displays are very practical: they measure only 23x15x10cm, and can thus be placed even in the smallest of spaces. Every Mozzichino Counter Display comes with 24 portable mini ashtrays and an additional 50 spares. By using the Mozzichino Counter Display you will be able to highlight your products, thanks to an easy to install and colorful display.


Measures of the counter display: L23 X W15 X H10.
Measures of a singolo Mozzichino portable ash tray:
Height: 5.5 cm.
Width: 5.7 cm.
Depth: 2.4 cm.
Weight: 14gr.
Quantity: every Counter Display comes with 24 Mozzichino ashtrays (in a mix of colors) and 50 spares
Colors: white, yellow, red, green, blue, black, pink, light blue and orange
Delivery time: 3-7 days based on the quantity ordered


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