AQUA: The Post-Consumer Pen Remade in Italy

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AQUA The First Post consumer Pen Remade in Italy. Produced with recycled PET sourced from the recovery of plastic bottles. Customize it, get your best quote, upload your logo and get your artwork example in less than 24 hours. Made in Italy.

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Product Description

AQUA: The Post-Consumer Pen Remade in Italy

It was a bottle… now it will be your pen!

A brand-new line of pens all born from water. Or, more precisely, from water bottles. This is the foundation of the AQUA pen, the first post-consumer remade in Italy pen made from PET derived from bottle recycling. An example of circular economy that truly impacts people’s lives as it transforms into an everyday use object. iGreen offers this to its customers with the option to personalize both the pen and its pack with 100% recycled paper.

PET: When Plastic Becomes Sustainable

Contrary to what one might think from its appearance, PET is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It is 100% recyclable for an infinite number of times, essentially making its environmental impact potentially negligible. All of this is achieved through a globally patented production process, ensuring safety and quality.

What does this mean? That recycled PET can in turn come from the reuse of previously recycled PET, meaning it has undergone the same process before. And that’s exactly what happens with AQUA pens, which originate from post-consumer recycled PET and are in turn 100% recyclable again (and again, and again…). In short, these are truly… circular pens!

AQUA: When Stationery Becomes a Virtuous Circle

An excellent example of a circular economy, AQUA pens represent the collaborative result of an ethical and 100% Italian supply chain that involves every operator. From transporters to distributors, including those responsible for the material transformation process and the manufacturers. Everyone is committed to making the mission of working with genuine care for the surrounding environment and people a reality, giving rise to a future that is truly sustainable.

Circular economy and great versatility for the pen of the future

Not only “good,” but AQUA pens also serve as highly efficient tools to accompany people throughout their work or study day. Practically inexhaustible, they can write for a remarkable 2500 meters and come with a convenient refill option in either black or blue. Furthermore, they are equipped with a special anti-smudge technology, making them the perfect partner for avid note-takers.

But that’s not all, because AQUA is a post-consumer remade in Italy pen, and it wants everyone to know it. For this reason, its patented design ensures that each pen bears the imprint indicating that it is a recycled product and made in Italy. Additionally, the phrase “I was a 500ml bottle” is printed on each pen in four different languages—an original and amusing idea, also serving to raise awareness among those who receive it.

Customize AQUA to make it even more unique with iGreen.

For orders starting from 200 pieces, iGreen Gadgets offers its customers the opportunity to customize both the body of the AQUA pen – particularly in the clip area – and its case, made of 100% recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable paper. With high-definition printing, you can imprint your company logo, a small slogan, a date, or even your colors, making the AQUA pen a perfect gadget to make your office more sustainable and an ideal gift for customers, suppliers, and business partners.

pen aqua with bottles


Height: 15 cm.
Width: 1.2 cm.
Weight: 13 grams.

Colors available for immediate delivery up to 1,500 pieces: red, blue, green, and black.

Other available colors: red, blue, green, orange, pink, yellow, purple, black, transparent.

Structural features:
-1 BOTTLE OF 500 ml = 1 AQUA PEN
– Screw mechanism
– Case made of recycled paper
– Material from 100% recycled and recyclable circular economy (post-consumer).
– The recycling and Italian production logo impressed in AQUA.
– Entirely patented worldwide production process.

Available Ink Color: Blue (on request) – Black (standard).


Minimum Quantity: 200 pcs.
Delivery Time: 4 weeks from the approval of the quote and layout.
Customization Type Single-color pad printing on the pen’s surface. Possibility of printing on two surfaces of the pen: tank and clip.
Cardboard Customization: Customized FSC 400g black packaging with your graphics, 1-color offset printing in silver.
Space for tank customization: 45x28mm
Space for clip customization: 30x6mm
Notes: The customer must provide the customization graphics in .pdf .eps .ai format.

Useful pdf files:


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We are Alisea, a company that has found an original niche in the market, becoming the only operator to make Reuse and Recycling a form of corporate identity since 1994, located at Via Saviabona, 56 – 36010 Cavazzale (VI).



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