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Sphere Container for Separate Waste Collection


Container for Separate Waste Collection, Made with 100% Recycled Plastic. Buy it in a neutral or in a cutomized form and get your best quote directly from producer in less than 24 hours!

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Product Description

Sphere Container for Separate Waste Collection

Sphere Container: design and functionality to be eco-sustainable with style

The numbers speak for themselves: 60 liters for just 3kg. Yes, because Sphere Container is the container for separate waste collection that allows you to equip any type of environment in a discreet manner, while having a truly incredible capacity. All without sacrificing sturdiness and sustainability: made with material that completely derives from recycled plastic. Literally indestructible, so durable that it’s also recommended for outdoor use. Therefore, Sphere Container has everything to enhance an office or a coworking space as a sign of sustainable innovation.

Design at the service of man and the environment

Amongst the characteristics that a good recycling container must have, is guaranteeing maximum capacity with minimum bulk. This is something that cannot be renounced. Sphere Container, with its classic, but at the same time innovative format, offers all of this and also an additional touch of functionality. In fact, with a height of 60cm by 20cm diameter and its sphere shape, is suitable to be placed comfortably anywhere, but above all it offers the possibility of benefiting a complement that in the offices you cannot go without one. Also to decorate the rooms, as well as to keep them clean. All this combines aesthetics and functionality and makes the separate collection not only a good aspect, but also at the best part.

In or out? No need to choose!

The Sphere recycling container is made of a material that guarantees solidity and waterproof, making it suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. A solution that has great convenience for those conditions that also focus on outdoor spaces. Moreover, thanks to its lightness – it weighs, in fact, only 3kg – it lends itself to be easily transported and can therefore also be used in exhibitions or fairs. Its original shape, but at the same time classic, is also ideal to make absolutely unique and recognizable every stand and the combination of functionality and design enhances itself to be an excellent presentation to its customers and business partners.

Aesthetics yes, but also for a good purpose

Like its “partner” U-trash, also Sphere Container is made with an innovative material that is enjoying considerable success thanks to its solidity. It is, in fact, a combination of ABS, a material coming from recycled plastic materials formulated to guarantee maximum resistance. Recycled nylon is also added to ABS, with the feature that the nylon used for Sfera container comes from the reuse of used fishing nets. Not only a brilliant furnishing accessory, but also a way to give new life to materials while reducing their environmental impact.

Add uniqueness to an original eco-friendly item with iGreen customization

iGreen offers its customers the possibility to customize Sphere Container with both glossy stickers and pad printing, inserting logos, claims and any type of advertising message, even on both sides. An idea to make this recycling container even more recognizable and really leave a mark.

Sphere Container Public SpaceSphere Container Public Space

Sphere Container Public SpaceSphere Container Public Real Dimension

Sphere 2 Container

Sphere 3 ContainerSphere 4 Container


Material: 100% recycled plastic (ABS) + Nylon regenerated from fishing nets.
SC1 Technical Details:
Capacity: 60 Liters.
Height: 60 cm.
Diameter: 20 cm.
Weight: 3 kg.
Material: recycled plastic.
Colors: Natural black.

SC2 Technical Details:
Capacity: 120 Liters.
Height: 60 cm.
Diameter: 43 cm.
Weight: 10 kg.
Material: recycled plastic.
Colors: Natural black.

SC3 Technical Details:
Capacity: 240 Liters.
Height: 60 cm.
Diameter: 85 cm.
Weight: 20 kg.
Material: recycled plastic.
Colors: Natural black.

SC4 Technical Details:
Capacity: 180 Liters.
Height: 60 cm.
Diameter: 64 cm.
Weight: 15 kg.
Material: recycled plastic.
Colors: Natural black.

Box: shipped in boxes of 1 pcs.
Environments: Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
Assembly: The article arrives already assembled.

Differentiated Collection Stickers with Transparent Bottom *:

* Available upon request


Additional services
It is possible to customize Sfera container for separate waste collection by choosing any color and advertising message either by means of glossy adhesive or by means of pad printing .
Starting from 5 units with glossy adhesive, and from 50 units with pad printing.
Customization by means of a glossy adhesive for small quantities can take place on one or both sides of the central sphere container.


Additional services
Space Design Consultancy: an architect will help you design/organize the most convenient location for your objects, as well as estimate the best solutions based on the flow of users.
Graphic Design Consultancy: consultancy for the achievement of the perfect customization.


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