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iGreen Gadgets at Roma Showcase 2023

Roma Showcase 2023: a green award in the splendid setting of the Temple Hall of Vibia Sabina and Adriano at Piazza di Pietra.

Roma Showcase 2023: An event for sustainable design projects

Roma Showcase, the event organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce and Innova Camera, recently saw us in the spotlight with our dedicated booth for iGreen Cover, the First and Only Plantable iPhone Cover in the World. From July 11th to 13th, 2023, inside the stunning location of the Temple Hall of Vibia Sabina and Adriano, we were among the invited participants in a collective exhibition where a handful of designers could showcase their creations in the themes of fashion and sustainability.
This event provided us with the opportunity to get to know young and interesting realities with a common denominator: passion for our Planet. Jewelry, clothing, and accessories with a green soul, made from sustainable and innovative materials, colored the 2023 edition of Rome Showcase.

iGreen Cover in the Capital

In an evocative setting, iGreen Cover truly captured the eye and attention of the attendees. A certified, patented, and 100% Made in Italy cover capable of generating new life instead of producing waste at the end of its usage cycle. This cover, available for iPhone 13 Pro, 14 Pro, and 15 Pro models, comes in 3 colors, each containing seeds of a different plant. The yellow cover contains daisy seeds, the light blue one contains forget-me-not seeds, while burying the green one will result in a basil plant blooming in a few weeks.
With iGreen Cover, the aim is to counteract plastic pollution in the cover market, which annually contributes to the introduction of 20,000 tons of non-recyclable plastic, with significant environmental consequences. iGreen Cover, on the other hand, embraces the slogan “Less Plastic, More Life,” in an attempt to raise awareness among businesses and individuals for more conscious and circular consumption.

Maker Faire Rome and MakeITCircular Contest

During these intense days at Maker Faire, the iGreen Cover project was also awarded the MakeITCircular prize, an award aimed at promoting the Circular Consumption Charter and values such as recycling, reuse, and co-design. iGreen Cover was unveiled to the public for the first time, receiving numerous favorable opinions and very positive reviews. The MakeITCircular award was an additional certificate of esteem and recognition, given by a jury of experts in sustainability and circular consumption.

The SEAQUAL Project for Ocean Cleanup

Not only iGreen Cover at Rome Showcase 2023. This collective exhibition also allowed for the showcasing of other gadgets, such as products from the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is an international project that focuses on collecting plastics from seas and oceans, processing them to create SEAQUAL filament products. This filament is used for the production of beach towels, bags, and cushions, simultaneously reducing plastic pollution and giving new life to waste materials.

Plantable Paper Tags for a greener fashion

As an event designed to give space to many designers in the fashion and clothing world, it wouldn’t be complete without plantable paper tags, especially suitable for clothing and fashion brands aiming to demonstrate environmental awareness and embrace green and sustainable themes. These special tags are designed to replace informational tags hanging on products, often made of paper or plastic. Plantable paper tags are made with a special paper containing seeds that, once inserted into the soil and enriched with water and sunlight, will decompose, releasing the seeds inside and giving rise to colorful wildflowers.

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