Where to use our Eco Objects

Where To UseOur Eco Objects


Ovetto Bin for Separate Collection is the perfect solution to manage creatively and functionally the small waste produced every day in the office, such as paper, plastic and organic material. It is possible to customize Ovetto by choosing the colors of your office or the color scheme of your brand. you can use Ovetto to communicate an advertising message, personalizing it with pad printing or by using profesional adhesives, as Coca-Colahas already done. Free your creativity, discover Ovetto for Separate Collection!

Restaurants and Hotels

Creativity, Design & Functionality in Unique Eco Objects.

Discover our Eco Object U-Trash. It is suitable for outdoor environments, but also ideal for indoor spaces. U-Trash is indestructible, has a unique and customizable design in different colors. It will last forever surviving any climatic condition, without changing its shape and beauty. Discover U-Trash now!

Special Events

If you are really looking for something different, which will leave your guests pleasantly surprised, while helping the environment and facilitating separate collection, then choose and customize one of our Eco Objects.

Public spaces

For public spaces, the most important thing is to have a robust solution available, an object capable of withstanding massive use, of resisting year after year, and at the same time capable of offering a simple solution for the collection and management of small waste. Discover U-Trash Bin!