MOYU – Stone Paper Erasable Notebook


The Stone Paper Erasable Notebook is designed for “infinite” reuse of the sheets it consists of! Customize them, get your best quote directly from the manufacturer in less than 24 hours.

Basic Customization – > from 50 pcs
a Piece
Prices plus delivery cost.
Delivery time: 10 - 15 days

Product Description

Stone Paper Erasable Notebook

The MOYU Notebook That Has Infinite Life

A sustainable notebook that allows you to write, erase and rewrite within its pages countless times. Meet the Stone Paper Erasable Notebook, an environmentally friendly notebook at the forefront of the fight against deforestation. Discover it in its A5 Softcover format version, with 18 pages designed to be reused countless times! Each Stone Paper Notebook comes with a kit consisting of MOYU pen, pen holder and eraser cloth.

Easy and fun to use

Its use is super simple: use the Frixion ink from the special MOYU pen to write on the Stone Paper Notebook; scan what you’ve written to save a copy; finally, use the damp cloth to make the pages look like new again!

MOYU How to use it

A Notebook to Save Forests

The paper industry has 3 times more impact than the air transport industry. This is mainly due to the single use of paper, a major cause of global deforestation. Each page of the Stone Paper Notebook can be rewritten up to 500 times. Each MOYU Notebook avoids the creation of about 15 notebooks, with a greatly reduced impact on the environment.

Write. Rewrite. Reforest

Stone Paper Notebooks are designed for virtually endless use. In fact, each page can be rewritten up to 500 times, thanks to the unique properties of stone paper and special Frixion ink. In addition, for every Notebook sold, a tree is planted through the Trees for Kenya project.

A perfect gift for customers and business partners

The Stone Paper Erasable Notebook is an original and sustainable gift that will allow you to impress your most special clients and business partners.

Discover MOYU accessories

Complete your MOYU kit with pens in other colors, ink refills, and eraser spray. Never run out of ink!

Available in different formats

A4, A5 or A6: choose the format that suits you best!


The MOYU Stone Paper Notebook is a notebook with unique features. Use the special pen with Frixion ink to write, erase and rewrite endless times!

MOYU How to use it

In addition, for every Notebook sold, a tree is planted through the Trees for Kenya project.


Minimum Quantity: 50 pcs and in multiples of 25
Timing: 7-10 days, based on quantities required.
Personalization Type: customization up to 4 pages (front and back cover + second and second-to-last page)
Notes: the customer must provide customization graphics in one of the following formats .pdf .ai .eps
Available sizes:
A4, A5 and A6 format

Customize your MOYU


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