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iGreen Cube for Würth

Würth and iGreen Cube together to celebrate spring in the office too!

When it comes to iGreen Cube, that of creating a small green area on one’s desk is always a good idea. Is it? Of course it is! Even an office, in fact, can become an ideal place to grow not only a seedling, but even an entire (micro) green area. All it takes is simply having the right gadget and what better than iGreen Cube, flowers & plants in wooden cubes, to give a green touch to the work environment?

That’s just what they thought of at Würth Italia, choosing the customized iGreen Cube to promote human and environmental sustainability while emphasizing the company’s green philosophy. All while celebrating the arrival of spring and bringing nature into the office. In short, what more could you want?

Würth Italia: resource enhancement and a change of course under the banner of sustainability

Founded in 1945 in the picturesque region of Baden, the Würth Group is the world’s leading distributor of fastening and assembly products and systems, chosen by nearly 4 million customers in the automotive, craft, industrial and construction sectors. 4 million people who rely on Würth and the high quality of its products every day.

Undoubtedly the merit of an ethic founded precisely on quality and seriousness in work, but also of a vision that has always – and consistently – been at the forefront, which has led Würth to adopt the most advanced philosophies in the field of environmental and human sustainability.

Celebrating every success in a green way

And it is precisely because of its ever-vigilant eye for sustainability that Würth places great importance on leveraging those resources that enable it to achieve its goals. That’s why each month the targets achieved are celebrated with a small recognition for both male and female employees.

And for April’s targets, Würth Italia decided to turn to iGreen for the supply of iGreen Cubes and their customization with the company’s logo. In fact, the possibility of growing a seedling even in the office made these flowers & plants in wooden cubes a perfect idea to dedicate the month of April to the celebration of spring, and to emphasize the company’s focus on environmental sustainability.

Würth and iGreen Cube: brighten up the office while having fun

Since its founding, iGreen Gadgets has been offering businesses, and anyone who needs to develop an original and creative communication project, solutions with sustainability and design in mind. An excellent example of this are the iGreen Cube, cubes made of sophisticated wood treated exclusively with natural methods, and which contain soil and seeds inside. It is then sufficient to lift the protective film and provide adequate water and light to watch a seedling blossom directly from its cube.

Once the seedling has grown, you can then place the entire cube in a larger pot, as the wood is able to completely biodegrade by turning into nutritious compost and thus fertilize the seedling. But you can also transfer your own seedling and use the iGreen Cube as a pen holder, as some of Würth’s employees have chosen to do precisely because of the cube’s practical and elegant design and customization.

In short, elegant office furniture accessory or colorful desk planter? The choice is yours!

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